What is Cerealously?

Cerealously is “the most important blog of the day,” and it’s recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors to jumpstart your morning (note: probably not actually true).
In all seriousness, Cerealously aims to be your online hub for all information on breakfast cereal and its surrounding culture. What culture would that be, you ask? The fun-loving, colorful, hyperbolic, cartoonish, nostalgic, and eternally youthful culture of childlike whimsy, of course!  Here at Cerealously, the child that still exists in the hearts of all of us is allowed to roam free.
So whether we’re bringing you reviews of cereals new and old, news and rumors about the latest cereal happenings, history lessons on retro characters and promos, or reports on special cereal and breakfast events, you can rest assured that every post (not just those about Post cereals, either) will be filled with 100% of your daily recommended value of wordplay, silliness,
and sardonic humor.
So go ahead: treat every day like it’s Saturday morning!

Who is Cerealously?

d890a5_ffb1acd4f7a64c69a6fac42b93d253c8Dan G. is a self-professed cereal addict. With fond memories of a childhood spent reading the backs of Cookie Crisp boxes over re-run episodes of Pokémon, he has long been a lover of all things involving “snack food culture.” His blood runs Heinz Limited Edition Green Ketchup, and he formally requests that Spider-Man shaped Macaroni & Cheese be served at his funeral.
A deep-seated passion for writing has led him to share this love with the world, and he hopes to one day elevate this hobby to a career in the fields of copywriting and freelance writing. In addition to Cerealously, Dan is a freelance writer. He created the cereal category for the popular mobile trivia app “QuizUp,” and he has written pieces for The Impulsive Buy. You can read them here.
Favorite cereal: Oreo O’s
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  1. Hi Dan.

    We find this blog very informative as we too enjoy bowls of cereal as well as other breakfast foods. We will make sure that Spider Man mac-n-cheese is served at your funeral, though we prefer the Scooby Doo shapes.

    Sincerest regards,
    Haleigh and Kasey

  2. I eat cereal every day,whether it be morning,noon,or night.My favorite cereal of all time is Dino Pebbles(r.i.p).My favorite concoction is-Honey Comb/Cap’n Crunch/French Toast Crunch/Crispix.I call it”Poltercrunch”It’s sweet and stays super crunchy in milk.

  3. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I can’t find pumpkin cheerios anywhere here. They have them in Manitoba, Walmart, why not Calgary?

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