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Spooned & Spotted (Germany): Unicorn Froot Loops Cereal

Kellogg's German Unicorn Froot Loops Cereal Review Box

The unicorn virus…it’s spreading.

When the cotton candied Pepto-Bismol known as the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino hit the U.S. earlier this year, kicking off a pink food pandemic that would infect everything from cupcakes to bagels, I thought it would be a purely American phenomenon. After all, it speaks to two of our country’s biggest passions: cryptozoology and colorful sugar.

(I’m still waiting for the Loch Ness Monster Frappuccino. Our underwater ally deserves to be submerged in whipped cream!)

But no, as Kellogg Germany’s new Unicorn Froot Loops prove, the eponymous horned horse has the ability to migrate across seas—despite lacking wings or gills. Maybe it bummed a ride off a pegasus. This limited edition cereal is, predictably, causing a buzz across the internet (and more than just the sugar rush kind), but I wanted to know how it actually tastes. So I sought out the help of the only cereal-loving German I know: Continue reading

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Spooned & Spotted (UK): Special K Peach & Apricot Cereal

Kellogg's Special K Peach & Apricot Cereal

A post shared by Run By Two Identical Twins (@productsinstore) on

Peach is one of those cereal tastes we just don’t see enough. Rarer than other fruity flavors like coconut and banana, but more common than some of my nonexistent dream flavors like gingerbread, cheesecake, or zucchini bread (my imagination shoots for the stars), peach has seen just a couple cobbled-together cereals in its history. There have been a couple Honey Bunches varieties and a Quaker Real Medleys variety, but that’s about it.

Oh, and Special K Peach & Apricot, a cereal that appeared in the United Kingdom about 5 years ago and is now gracing shelves once more, thanks to the above journalistic photo kindly shared by Instagram friends @Productsinstore.

This cereal is far simpler than Special K’s recent U.S. debuts, which include clusters and yogurt clusters and whatever other sweet mix-ins it takes to convince Americans to put down the Cookie Crisp for a change. No, Special K Peach & Apricot only includes classic Special K whole wheat and barley flakes with two kinds of dried fruit: peaches and apricots (who would’ve guessed?)

I always like to share international cereal photos when it leaves me drooling half a world away. As someone who will likely never taste an apricot in his cereal bowl without the help of a Trader Joe’s run and a food dehydrator, I’m glad someone out there is getting to chomp on one of the only apricot cereals to ever exist. If you’ve tried it, let me know how it is in the comments.

In the words of Michael Scott: “Apricot. Made of real apes!”

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The Return of Cereal Time with Gabe Fonseca!

Good news! You no longer have to read my obscure analogies or tolerate my painfully obtuse adjectives (like painfully obtuse, for example) in order to get all the latest cereal news!

Yes, you, me, and my thesaurus alike are rejoicing now that cereal record-keeper Gabe Fonseca’s Cereal Time YouTube series is back on the virtual airwaves. If you’re not familiar with the series’ storied legacy, its videos each detail a different cereal’s own storied history. It was a fun and nostalgic watch for a long time, but 6 months ago, Gabe put it on indefinite (but still cliffhanging) hiatus.

After a cosmically uncertain transition period, the 2017 cereal world is ready to welcome Gabe and Cereal Time back from the time-traveling beyond. How about we celebrate its glorious return the same way we used to: by watching the latest episodes together, writing too much about them, and having you skip my blabbering to get to the next one? Continue reading

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Tribute Review: Neopets Islandberry Crunch Cereal (2006)

Neopets Islandberry Crunch Cereal Box 2006

Today is Cerealously’s second birthday, marking 731 days to the day since I decided to share my odd Oreo O’s obsession and weird Waffle Crisp compulsion with all of you dear readers who for some reason put up with me.

But instead of filling this post with sentimental blubber (though there might be time for that after 1200 words of blubbering about Kacheeks), I instead wanted to celebrate by sharing a piece of cereal history that’s very important to me: Neopets Islandberry Crunch cereal! Remembered by few and remembered as good by far fewer, this 2006 General Mills cereal paired the virtual pet franchise with purple and maroon puffs flavored like mixed berries.

Since licensed cereals are a dime a baker’s dozen, I’ll have to do a little time traveling deep into the foreboding fathoms of my own memory to explain Islandberry Crunch’s significance. Fasten your seatbelt, friends: even Wonka’s boat ride couldn’t get this bizarre.

(If you just want to see the cereal, keep scrolling ’til you see mummified corn spheres.) Continue reading

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Spooned & Spotted: Burger King Lucky Charms Shake

Burger King Lucky Charms Shake

In the war of cereals, The Burger King turns a blind eye.

The Burger King does not take sides.

The Burger King’s only sworn loyalty is to deliciousness.

See, after the meaty monarch released a delightful Froot Loops Shake just 2 months ago, I would have expected him to launch a whole line of Kellogg’s milkshakes and desserts, from fried Apple Jacks Pies to Frosted Mini-Whoppers. But no, the flame-grilled sovereign who blessed us with Mac & Cheetos has now welcomed General Mills into his fold of creamy, soft-serve folds.

The Lucky Charms Shake, spotted, bravely taste tested, and kindly submitted by reader John R., combines the King’s standard creamy ice cream and whipped cream topping with marshmallowy cereal syrup and a dusting of Lucky Charms. I don’t know what “marshmallowy cereal syrup” is, but I can only assume it was pumped straight from the Fountain of Youth.

I’ll toast my first Lucky Charms Shake to you, Ponce de León.

Despite how good this Shake sounds, John’s initial review is far from charmed. I know I’ll have to try it for myself to be sure, but I’ll be sure to have a box of Lucky Charms on hand in case I need emergency marshmallow reinforcements.

Good thing this happened 😏.

Thanks again to John R. for the photos. If you have some cool cereal news of your own to share, send it over to our Submissions page. I’ll have plenty of time to answer it while waiting in my Burger King parking lot tent.

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Spooned & Spotted: Post Mixed Berry, Cinnamon Roll, & S’Mores Bites Shredded Wheat

Post Mixed Berry, Cinnamon Roll, and S'Mores Shredded Wheat Cereals

Frosted Mini-Wheats, prepare to Frosted Mini-Meet your maker.

Post Shredded Wheat has been around for a while, but until now, Shredded Wheat hasn’t exactly been the more exciting brand of thatched wheat biscuits. Somehow, kids prefer Frosted Mini-Wheats’ caked-on frosting and oceans of saccharine detritus in their cereal boxes over sugar-free bran and glisteningly sticky roasted nut flavor.

But now all that is about to change. In the wake of what is perhaps Frosted Mini-Wheats’ greatest cereal sin, changing their classy biscuit mascot to some sort of SpongeBobian abomination, Post has debuted three new bite-sized Shredded Wheat varieties. Mixed Berry, Cinnamon Roll, and S’Mores Bites are already excitingly unique flavors on their own, but each new biscuity breed is also filled with flavored chips to (hopefully) make their dry wheat exteriors explode with bursts of berry, vanilla, and chocolate flavor, respectively.

Not since Hidden Treasures Cereal have I been so geeked to get backhanded in the taste buds.

Shoutout to reader Austin K. for sending me this photo from Walmart. I look forward to collecting all three boxes like they’re semisweet-stuffed Pokémon cards, mixing all three into a single bowl, and playing a dangerous game of berry bushel/bakery/bonfire roulette.

If you’ve got a cereal photo of your own to share, snap, crackle, and pop right on over to our submissions page!

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A Tiny Toast Eulogy in 10 Tweets

Tiny Toast Cereal

It turns out reports of Tiny Toast’s death have not been greatly exaggerated. The brand of crunchy, strawberry and blueberry-flavored mini-loaves has been officially absorbed into the Toast Crunch family of cereals, as General Mills and many suddenly cereal-happy media outlets (after the Oreo O’s news, no one’s sleeping on everyone’s favorite wake-up foodstuff anymore) are now reporting.

I took to Twitter this morning to succinctly share my thoughts on this change, and I thought I’d reproduce my retrospection here, since copying and pasting tweets is the only way to keep me from writing 1,000+ more unnecessarily sappy words about pygmy bread pieces. Continue reading

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Spooned & Spotted: Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops Cereal

Neapolitan Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate

(Update: We reviewed Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops!)

Drink it in, folks: Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops, the first (American*) neapolitan cereal, is here.

Err, perhaps “drink it in” isn’t fitting enough. “Lick it in”? “Cone it in”? “Do everything but bite it in because you have sensitive teeth and a chronically frozen brain”?

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we can finally taste strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate all in the same cereal bowl without Frankenstein-ing some weird mix of Tiny Toast, Life, and crumbled-up Halloween Pop-Tarts (I know there are many chocolate cereals, but if you’re going to be a mad breakfast scientist, you might as well go borderline bonkers).

Spotted at Jewel-Osco and graciously shared by fellow snack scholar The Junk Food Aisle, Ice Cream Scoops Cocoa Puffs appropriately combine corn puffs bearing the three fruity, beany, and fudgy flavors of neapolitan ice cream. Vanilla and chocolate have crossed paths beneath Sonny’s bill before, but strawberry is a welcome newcomer. It’s so welcome that it makes me forget that last year’s greatest ice cream cereal (and simply greatest cereal), Cap’n Crunch’s Orange Creampop Crunch, has passed on to the great cosmic creamsicle in the sky.

Here’s hoping that if these Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops work out, we’ll get different frozen novelty flavors in the future. Superman Puffs, anyone?

Thanks again to Junk Food Aisle for sharing the scoop—literally. Got a freshly spotted flavor of your own to dish out? Spoon it over to for a chance to see it on the site.

*There has been a neapolitan cereal before…in New Zealand! As usual, Cereal Time time traveller Gabe Fonseca knows all about it.

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