Review: Limited Edition Fruity Crisp Oreo Cookies


Cereal-stuffed, Fruity Pebble Oreos, baby!

Right, right: Nabisco’s new Fruity Crisp Oreos aren’t officially licensed Fruity Pebbles cookies, nor do they even say the word “cereal” on the front. But we all know “Fun, colorful rice crisps” is just Oreo’s way of keeping Fred and Barney from filing a lawsuit.

It’s like how Kellogg’s has “Cookies & Creme” Pop-Tarts, even though everyone and their cookie-dunking grandma calls them Oreo Pop-Tarts. In the eyes of me and Granny Cerealously, these are Fruity Pebble Oreos, so I’m going to review them like they’re cereal in circular, processed cookie form.

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To get ahold of these cookies, I had to wait on the phone with Meijer customer service for about 20 minutes, listening to some poor grocery floor worker scour every square inch of the store before reporting that yes, they did indeed have only 3 packages left and would I like them to save one for me?

It’s a strange feeling to walk into a store knowing you have a product on reserve—it’s kind of like running down the stairs on Christmas morning. But after flagging down a manager and explaining that I called ahead because I was a “digital snack food critic” (I tried to make this sound cool. He wasn’t impressed.), I left Meijer with my Fruity doubloons in hand.

But enough story time. It’s Oreo time.


One bite is all it takes to confirm that yes: these are freakin’ delicious!

The creme is halfway between whole milk and vanilla yogurt in terms of sweetness, texture, and flavor. It gives an appropriately creamy high-five to every nibble of rice cereal. Fruity Pebbles ice cream is already a pretty popular dessert, so just imagine a scoop of that stuff, half-melted and wedged between a cookie.


As for the cereal bits, aside from providing a fun crunchy contrast to the creme, they really do taste like Fruity Pebbles—so much so that Bamm-Bamm probably has his lawyer on speed dial, just in case. Like Fruity Pebbles, there’s a delicious blend of indistinguishable, yet distinguishably artificial fruit taste.

Nabisco really could have just called these “Fruit Cereal Oreos,” though, because I taste flavor notes from every major fruity cereal in these cookies. In addition to the rainbow tropical blend of Fruity Pebbles, these Oreos have the tangy orange zest of Trix, the sweet candied blueberry of Froot Loops, and the coconut oil finish of Crunchberries.

Truth be told—ready your pitchforks—Fruity Pebbles are far from my favorite cereal. If I wanted to eat unfilling, fruit flavored air, I’d take an open-mouthed walk through the perfume department. But as a fan of cereal and cereal culture alike, these Oreos really tugged on my nostalgic heartstrings.

But let’s not forget the golden vanilla cookie wafer on these Oreos, which provides a perfectly doughy and buttery springboard for the creme to work its magic. Imagine eating a bowl of cereal from a bowl made of a giant Nilla Wafer, and you wouldn’t be far off.

Enough talk about cereal: let’s do what you’ve all been waiting for.


Boom. There’s the money shot. Eating a crumbly bowl of these cookies soaked in milk is excessive, yet supremely satisfying. It’s like topping a bowl of cereal with a Chipwich that you already dipped in a strawberry milkshake.


Now, I do have a few minor gripes with these Oreos. The biggest one is that eating too much of the creme made me feel like I was eating that nauseating, fruity toothpaste they make for kids. So be careful with the sweet innards; it might start tasting like you’re cleaning your teeth, even as you’re blasting them with sugar.

It probably didn’t help that I ate a mushy bowl of them.

But that can’t stop me from giving these Fruity Crisp Oreos high marks. They’re the most fun I’ve had with processed snack cookies since I pit Chewy Chips Ahoy! against Chunky Chips Ahoy! in a reenactment of the Battle of Gettysburg. If you love fruity cereal or limited edition Oreos, it’s worth waiting on the phone (or highway) to track these down.

As for me? I’m gonna start hunting for giant, bowl-sized Nilla Wafers.


The “Bowl:” Limited Edition Fruity Crisp Oreos

The Breakdown: Authentic “froot” cereal flavor sandwiched between Nilla Wafer-esque delight makes for the best, albeit nearly cloying, snack cookie in years. My creme-stained hands applaud you, Nabisco.

The Bottom Line: 9.5 grocery store Christmases out of 10

(Quick Nutrition Facts: 140 calories, 0 grams of fiber, 12 grams of sugar, and <1 gram of protein per 2 cookie serving)

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  1. Man, if I didn’t have so much junk food in my pantry right now I would buy these. Gotta finish the Keebler Birthday cookies first. And about 13 boxes of cereal…

  2. We picked up a bag of these when we were visiting my folks, and I think they’re the only limited edition Oreo I’ve tried that are so strongly sweet that I never want more than the serving size.

    • They’re in many alternative grocery stores, but because I’m not an NY resident, I can’t check whether they’re still being stocked in your location. I’ve heard reports of them slowly leaving shelves, but it’s worth a check!

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