News: Ben & Jerry’s Cereal Splashback Ice Cream is Making Cereal Milk a Dessert Star

Ben & Jerry's Cereal Ice Cream

(Image via Ben & Jerry’s)

The leftover milk at the bottom of the bowl is the unsung hero of breakfast cereal. Infused with the eroded sugary essence of a million flakes, loops, pebbles, or maple Parisian bread slices, this swirlingly sweet milk is so good that I even unknowingly coined* a term for it: “endmilk.”

*By “coined,” I mean that I always thought endmilk was the stuff’s proper taxonomic name, until spellcheck’s angry red squiggle told me otherwise

But now instead of being an oft-forgotten appendix to breakfast that some people even (*gasp*) pour down the drain, cereal milk is becoming dessert’s decadent guest of honor, as Ben & Jerry’s has debuted three new Cereal Splashback flavors inspired by iconic cereals and their endmilk:

Fruit Loot has a Toucan-pleasing (or maybe Pebbles-pleasing?) tropical fruit swirl, Frozen Flakes contains a more traditionally GRRanulated sugared corn flake swirl, and Cocoa Loco has an ambiguously chocolatey swirl that could be meant to symbolize anything from Cocoa Puffs to Cocoa Krispies to, heck, maybe even Cap’n Crunch’s long-discontinued Choco Donuts.

Since these flavors are only appearing in Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops through March, and since Ben & Jerry’s sent free samples of each to just about every food blogger but the one who really really loves cereal (can you hear me grumbling through the Internet?), I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to try these. But many of our friends have taste tests coming out on Instagram, so peep and/or creep their pages to find out how well endmilk’s legacy was preserved in cold, creamy form:

I mean to some people National Cereal Day is just as big a holiday as Christmas… Beginning today, three new cereal-inspired flavors are available exclusively at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops!! — 1) Fruit Loot is cereal milk ice cream with crisp fruity cereal swirls (Fruity Pebbles, yo) 2) Cocoa Loco is chocolate cereal milk ice cream with crisp chocolate cereal swirls. (Cocoa Krispies up in here) 3) Frozen Flakes is cereal milk ice cream with crisp cereal swirls. (The only way I'd ever eat Corn Flakes) — Tremendous thanks to @benandjerrys for the package. Also if you live in NYC you can JUMP INTO A HUMONGOUS CEREAL BOWL BALL PIT today and get free samples at Vanderbilt Hall! Somebody do this for me – it's been a recurring fantasy of mine.

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I’ll forgive you for forgetting me, Benjamin and Gerald. Just be sure to keep me in mind when your inevitable freeze-dried ice cream cereal debuts next March.


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  1. Hey Bro! 🙂
    Long time no read! 🙂

    I wasn’t sure how to feel about the news (i heard about it while stumbling across a review of all three).
    I love the idea to use THE flavored milk to produce ice cream with some crunch in it, but it’s b&js… they always seem failing to deliver. The flavors always sound so good and dissapoint in the end.
    Maybe they should step back from their “all fair and non-gmo” philosophy 😉 (i mean one of their best ice creams got discontinued ’cause they weren’t able to source fair trade oatmeal cookies ;))

    I even stopped buying b&j ice cream, ’cause it was never really worth my money… (compared to all the others) An seeing that they went with no artifical flavors for the “froot loop” ice cream bodes ill for the ice cream… (not to mention their ice cream bases (especially choclate) aren’t that good either (maybe that’s why they always have to put fudge pieces in their ice cream ;))

    But nevertheless: I hope you can get your hands on some scoops and if so: I heard the frosted flakes ice cream is most probably the best of the three. ^^

    btw: if there is anything you can be sure about, i will alway use “Endmilk” as term for the ambrosia. It fit’s so well and a lot of my friends already adapted it! ^^
    (so be proud! ^^)

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