News: Gingerbread Spice Life Cereal is Coming Soon!

Gingerbread Life Cereal – Quaker Spiced Multigrain Box

(Image via Quaker)


It’s been a while since I had to change that sign, but this news seals it. Limited Edition Gingerbread Spice Life Multigrain Cereal is coming this holiday season, which, seeing how people prepare for winter celebration, means a box of Gingerbread Life it should have been in my pantry two weeks ago, sandwiched between Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cinnamon Frosted Flakes to make a crunchy speculoos sandwich.

Speaking of which, I have a history with gingerbread cereal—or at least with fanatically wanting it. A search on my site reveals how big of a gingerbread fanman I am, and I’ve always thought that Cinnamon Toast Crunch would adopt the flavor first (if anyone ever did), due to their reputation for holiday cereals tasty enough to open your third eye and hang mistletoe from the lashes.

Life Cereal was one of the last brands I’d expect to release a naturally flavored gingerbread cereal—right alongside Crispix, Froot Loops, and Fiber One—but seeing how well they spiced Pumpkin Spice Life, I’m willing to give old man Quaker the benefit of the doubt. Seriously: the only thing on the line is the crushingly weighty anticipation built up slowly over decades of my life. That’s it. No pressure.

While I wait for Gingerbread Spice Life to hit shelves, I think I need to add something new to my cereal bucket list. Almost all my dream flavors have now existed as cereals: maple, PB&J, and now gingerbread. I’ll just have to pick something so obscure and impossible that it’ll never happen and I can wistfully dream about it forever.

Zucchini Bread Toast Crunch, anyone?

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  1. Finally, gingerbread flavored cereal is hitting the stores! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Gingerbread Toast Crunch. Now if only a wave of other gingerbread flavored products would hit the stores. Gingerbread frosted mini wheats, gingerbread Cap’n Crunch, Gingerbread Cheerios…..

  2. Yeah… if you would’ve asked me my bets wouldn’t have been on Life making the first Gingerbread Cereal either. xD
    Barbara’s Puffins, Cookie Crisp or Tiny Toasts though… 😉

    I already told you i’m really glad for you and a bit jeallous… this is most likely one of two cereals i ever consider buying for a lot of money on ebay, some reseller shops or for an unethic amount of shipping costs from target… (Korean Oreo Oh’s is the other one; btw LUKE when you read this: Are you still alive!?!?!)

    Zucchini Bread Toast Crunch, anyone? <— This really seems to be the last cereal to be ever made! (Though carrot already made it into our morning bowl: – ok it's muesli and not really cereal… but hey)
    But Carrot Cake/Bread Cereal or Morning Glory Bread/Muffin Cereal sounds actually pretty awesome… 🤔 😀


  3. Wow, you have some serious powers that come with great responsibility.

    Can you please write a request for the return of Yummy Mummy and Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch and more SC flavored cereals.

  4. Glad to see a Gingerbread flavor cereal hitting the market. Pumpkin Spice gets all of the love. And when it comes to Winter food products, for some reason, food manufacturers seem to think everyone loves peppermint flavored versions of things. I for one would love to see more Gingerbread and Eggnog flavored foods be it cereals, cookies, candy, etc.

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