News: Steak ‘n Shake is Debuting Cereal-Flavored Breakfast Shakes!

Steak 'n Shake Breakfast Shakes – Cereal Milkshakes with Frosted Flakes, Cocoa Krispies, Honey Smacks

If you believe the clickbait headlines, “millennials are killing breakfast cereal,” whether it’s because they’re too lazy to wash bowls or because they prefer the portable taste of Electrolyte-Fortified Kale Rectangles to sugary cinnamon squares  in the morning.

But even if millennials are killing breakfast cereal, then it seems like more of a noble sacrifice for a greater good than a murder, because we seem to have entered a golden age of cereal milkshakes.

First, Burger King gave us two delectable cereal shakes infused with chunks of Froot Loops and Lucky Charms, respectively.

And now Steak & Shake, an honorable eatery that knows milkshakes well enough to build 33.33% of its business on them (though I prefer their flame-grilled ampersands), is adding 5* specialty breakfast shakes to their portfolio of plasmatic lactose beverages.

*I qualify this 5, because though coffee is an essential part of any balanced breakfast, Steak ‘n Shake’s Caramel Frappé seems laughably out of place here. They might as well have added a Scrambled Egg Shake at this point

We get three recognizable Kellogg’s in shake form: Frosted Flakes, Honey Smacks, and Cocoa Krispies, as well as an über generic Cinnamon Crunch Shake. This makes sense, since Kellogg’s seems to have exclusive milkshake rights here, and they don’t have a pure cinnamon cereal to bring the table—at least not without making Tony do double duty, negotiating a complicated Cinnabon cross-promo, or making a hilariously ironic Special K Shake.

I don’t know which flavor I’m most excited to try first—probably the sheer uniqueness of a Honey Smacks Shake that I can Dig ‘Em into—but I do know one thing: I hope they’re served all day long. Because if I’m going to be forced to eat 1200 some calories before 9am, I’d rather eat a couple peanut butter & strawberry Pop-Tart sandwiches.

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  1. I’m not sure… first i was SUPER excited that this is happening… i mean… who doesn’t like Milkshakes and it’s made of ice cream, milk and CEREAL… that’s three of the four top things i love (just fyi my gf takes the other spot 😉 )… but then again… i mean… it’s… it just seems so… normal to a cereal enthusiast like us…
    I’m pretty sure they are AMAZING, but i’m not sure why they would taste that much different than just a bowl of milk and cereal… xD

    But then again, everyone liked the lucky charms and froot loops shakes, so: i’m waiting for you to enlighten me! 😉
    (still summer is almost over… they should’ve done this earlier)

    BTW: Just discovered your Vote on twitter! Let me just say two or three sentences:
    1. If you really have fun reviewing things beyond cereal: Do so!
    2. If you ask me: Don’t do the coffee drinks/coffee confections thing. Stay with breakfast related food or cereal related stuff.
    3. Meaning: (Frozen) Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, Bread all OK and the Milk thing sound really interesting especially if you combine it with how the milk tastes with different cereals. Though i’m not sure if the latter is really good for you (your lactose intolerance)


    • I’m definitely leaning toward frozen waffles—though there is one milk product i plan to write about soon, despite its gastrointestinal implications.

      The poll really wasn’t about dynamically expanding the site’s focus—I already have a hard time balancing life and blogging some times—so much as giving me another avenue to write about during slow periods where I can’t find new cereals or when there aren’t any interesting ones!

      • Yeah Bro… don’t tell me… i started my blog and somehow live kicked in and i barely have time to write the reviews down i already made notes and pictures for…
        i don’t really know how you manage to pull things off… kudos! 🙂

        btw i just thought you run low on new cereals (i for some occassion will, since the european and especially German market isn’t quite like the amazing US one. Or i just need to pay a lot of money to get cereal from the US or Korea for instance ^^) and thought about filling the gap 🙂
        As i said: stay with “breakfast food” like pop-tarts and the milk thing sounds quite interesting too (if a cereal taste test is involved ;))


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