Review: Honeycomb Cereal (Now with Bigger Flavor!)

Post Bigger Flavor Honeycomb Cereal Box

Not since Andre the Giant menacingly knocked on the Honeycomb Hideout’s window have I been so geeked to eat a bowl of Honeycomb cereal.

Sure, the stuff has had fun flavor iterations—Strawberry, Chocolate, Cinna-Graham—and it even briefly got “Twisted Marshmallows” 3 years back in a decades-late attempt to capitalize on the “X-Treme Snax” movement of the radical ’90s. But it has also progressively lost its flavor, as not one, but two ill-received formula changes in the early 2000s left Honeycomb a squishy and styrofoam-y compared to the golden-smacked Golden God it was before the turn of the century.

All that BIG HONEY TASTE Andre had roared about went to go live on a bee farm upstate, so to speak.

But this newly revamped Honeycomb boasts a “bigger flavor,” in a charming homage to those days when the cereal hung its hat on its humongous honey-ness. This change comes in the midst of a wider cereal flavor revolution, as Cocoa Puffs and Krave have added “50% more cocoa” and “more chocolate,” respectively. But while those two put an easy-to-measure qualifier on their taste changes, Honeycomb’s flavor is now simply “bigger,” which could either mean they added more honey or hired fatter bees.

Either way, I’m  going to try them while I wait for my Giant sideburns to grow in. 

Post Bigger Flavor Honeycomb Cereal

The first thing I notice about “bigger flavor” Honeycomb is that some pieces actually have their holes sealed with a translucent honey-sugar glaze—a good sign—while even more are weirdly diamond shaped, like someone grabbed a plain Honeycomb and yanked on its ends, Stretch Armstrong-style. And this might just be my box, but the texture of each piece is far hardier and crunchier than the soft, melt-in-your mouth pushovers my molars have grown accustomed to tearing through like limp mostaccioli. This is neither good nor bad, but as someone who responds to change as subtle as a new toothpaste brand with existential panic, I’ll have to adjust.

This new Honeycomb formula is definitely both sweeter and butterier, too, though its sweetness is more pleasantly toasty than its purely saccharine predecessor. However, the honey taste is in no way bigger or more potent. In fact, I find myself struggling harder than ever before to detect a distinct honey flavor worth describing—maybe this whole cereal is meant to be a commentary on the world’s disappearing bee population. Sure, there is a generically honey-sweet coating on each piece, but it lacks depth or complexity: think honey cruller glaze instead of a goldenly infused Teddy Graham.

All together, eating new Honeycomb feels kind of like eating store-bought honey popcorn. There’s sweetness, butter, and honey, but there’s no heart. If you’re reading this, Winnie the Pooh, I recommend keeping your receipt.

Post Bigger Flavor Honeycomb Cereal with Milk

Thankfully, the cereal gets its beeswax in gear when eaten with milk. Turns out the honey flavor just needs a thickening agent to come back alive, and milk’s creaminess acts as a suitable necromancer. The honey becomes nicely sweet, the texture becomes soft again, and the sugary sweetness is tempered—so why does new Honeycomb still leave me feeling a little empty?

I think it’s because someone pulled the ol’ honey switcheroo. Old Honeycomb had a more syrupy, floral honey taste—in the same school of honey as Honey Bunches of Oats—whereas this stuff feels way more roasted and nutty, as if the cereal had graduated with Buzz the Bee’s Cheerios instead. It definitely tastes good and is a worthy honey cereal, but new Honeycomb eventually starts to feel like a different cereal altogether, rather than the one I grew up with.

Kinda like that kid in school who studied abroad and came back changed, except this stuff didn’t just stare at armless statues and claim to “spiritually understand art’s beautiful music.”

So while new Honeycomb’s flavor may not be quantifiably bigger, it certainly is something. Whether you like it or not will depend on your honey cereal preferences and your nostalgia for old Honeycomb. The cereal industry keeps changing, and I’d be lying if I said I’m happy when they futz with my favorites, but things could’ve gone a lot worse here.

They could’ve added “X-Treme Nacho Cheez.”


The Bowl: Honeycomb Cereal (Now with Bigger Flavor!)

The Breakdown: Sweeter, toastier, and nuttier, but far from honey-er, “Bigger Flavor” Honeycomb all but requires milk to make it an average, albeit less recognizable, honey cereal—otherwise you’re left eating popcorn for breakfast. And wouldn’t you just feel a little silly?

The Bottom line: 6 Honeycomb-sized Stretch Armstrongs out of 10

(Quick Nutrition Facts: 130 calories, 1 gram of fiber, 10 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein per 1 and 1/4 cup serving)


Please note: if you’re going to comment about your distaste for the new Honeycomb, that’s fine. But please don’t blame me for it—as much as I’d like to, I have no power to change anything. You can direct all suggestions to Post’s Customer Service.

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  1. The new and improved Honeycomb is a disappointment, bring back the original recipe that has kept me buying for over 40 years!

    • This new 🍯 honeycomb cereal is terrible, hopefully you can still get the old formula or I will have to get a new brand after eating honeycomb for many years so sad😞

      • I will agree with you! The new Honey Comb is DISGUSTING! I bought 2 boxes today and I’m taking them back! They don’t even taste like honeycombs anymore. COMPLETE GARBAGE! I won’t buy another box ever again! Unless they go back to the old recipe!

    • I hate this new cereal! I want my old cereal back. This new one is like eating sweetened cardboard!

    • Omg as soon as I poured some out I was like what the heck did they do.. is the new big taste the taste of styrofoam cause that’s what they taste like… thanks for ruining my favourite cereal post foods cause this is sick

  2. Honey Comb has always held a spot as my favorite childhood Post cereal. I’m glad they’re trying to fix the newer formula.

  3. Like Honeycomb, Alpha-Bits also became much worse years ago when it was made more nutritious and less sugary – nearly inedible, just tasted like cardboard. Apparently there is now a ‘new and improved’ Alpha-Bits coming soon. I would love to read your review of this supposedly improved Alpha-Bits.

  4. I’ve been loving Honeycomb for as long as it can remember but I am disappointed at this change. In my opinion the cereal itself tastes like brittle cardboard under the new honey coat. It makes feel that costs where cut in quality to pull this new, bigger flavor hype. I really hope this doesn’t last since I’ll really miss my Honeycomb fix in the morning.

  5. Absolutely hate this change! I adding sugar to this bowl just to eat it. First bowl went in the garbage. I’m so frustrated I loved my Honeycombs just the way they were!

  6. Brutal u guys are nuts its taste like cardboard some one or a few news to be fired over this mess. I refuse to ever buy th again:(yuck x 1000000…….

    • I complete agree with your post. I said it tasted like cardboard that has a shellac on it. I won’t be buying it again and will be returning this box.

  7. The new “bigger flavor” is horrible! It taste like cardboard. My son really loves the old formula and it’s what I grew up on. Please bring back the old formula.

  8. Boy did they mess up in trying to improve the formula. I’m 47 yrs old and grew up on Honeycomb, Fruit Loops & Frosted Flakes. I continue to buy theses every now and then to go back to my childhood favorites when I get the urge. However I bought a box after a break of about 6 months and tried for first time today. THEY TASTE NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL FLAVOR. I will never be purchasing these again and I’m very disappointed in the change. I will be contacting Post Cereal to voice my complaint and opinion directly with them.

  9. Seriously! where is the flavor? i am so disappointed! i actually got my mom to purchase a box as she hadn’t had them in years and she called me and said “there is no taste to them!” i thought she got a bad box, but NO! i tried mine and i could’t believe it! I was a big fan of HoneyComb until today. so disappointed 🙁

  10. Add me to the “new Honeycomb is GROSS!” group. Poured it into the bowl, did a double take, ate some, and, thinking I had a bad batch, tried another taste.

    Not honeycomb taste, nothing like the old Honeycomb, kinda more corn cereal. My son calls the taste ‘weak corn pops”. He says they aren’t bad, but they aren’t Honeycombs anymore. I disagree. I think they’re so bad I came online to find if others felt the same way. So here I am…

    I am gonna describe it as “New Coke Honeycomb”…why the heck would you mess with a formula you’ve used (literally) for generations? I grew up with the old formula -was my favourite then, was last week, not anymore…won’t be buying another box of the new…sorry, Post…you screwed up…

  11. Yep agree with everyone else here the new formula tastes like utter crap. We all need to write directly to post and let them know so they change it back to normal ASAP

  12. I will use a few of the words above to describe the “Now with BIGGER FLAVOR” from each person that has left a comment so far:
    No Good
    Yuck x 1000000…….
    Taste like cardboard !!

    Please return to the original flavor immediately!!

  13. Taste bad! I thought they looked too shiny when I poured them. Going to call and complain. Why did they change it nothing was wrong with the original.

  14. I have been a faithful honeycomb fan since I was a kid. These new ones are horrible. I want my old cereal back!!!

  15. Poured a bowl of my favorite Honeycomb the other day and wondered….what the heck.Thought it had gone bad. Looked at box, and saw it had changed. Sooo very wrong. Change it back.

  16. Honeycombs has been one of my favorite cereals for so long, but now I don’t think I will be buying them anoymore. The new honeycombs are terrible and I absolutely loved the old honeycombs. The new flavor is actually terrible, hopefully you guys bring back the old flavor!!!

  17. Tried the “New bigger flavor”
    Honey combs today might be one of the worst things I’ve ever tried.
    I’ve been a loyal honey combs consumer for over 40 years but I
    WILL NOT buy another box of this crap!!
    Please bring back the original recipe!!!

  18. Tastes horrible! & what’s with the colour?!?
    Why change something, when it was perfect just the way it was!

  19. Just shows u how far a company is willing to go to increase profit margin they didn’t make it healthier I’ll put money on that they remove good and replace with garbage to feed us with everyone should stop buying they wouldn’t have a choice to provide us what we want as a society

  20. I tried to eat them and couldn’t finish my bowl. While a little crunchier, the flavor is so far gone from the originally I’d hardly call them Honeycomb. They taste more like bland rice krispies. They even have the crackle sound. I was very disappointed.

  21. Unnoticed the yellow colour right away, but just thought it was from the sun coming in the window. I knew from the first bite (I like them without milk) that they were different. They remind me of corn pops, but not as crispy or flavourful. I came to the Internet to find out what happened! I read that they changed the ingredient list from oat flour to corn flour as the first ingredient. I guess since corn is so cheap, they’re trying to not only attempt to make it healthier, but increase their profits. Did they think no one would notice? It is a totally different cereal. Your article is right on the money. As a side note, I love your writing style and use of descriptive words!

  22. I finished the bowl. That was a task in itself. I asked my son if he tried the Honeycomb and he said he did and that they were “weird”. I then pulled the bag out of the box, held it over the open garbage and asked him; “Will you eat them?”. His reply was “no, never, they’re gross”. I let the bag go and it fell into the trash and I closed the lid. The box itself went into the recycling. I wish I knew that the previous box I had would have been the “last” bowl of honeycomb I would have for the rest of my life.

  23. What a waste of hard earned cash, my favorite cereal just turn to crap. I’m sure they are trying to save money at our expense. Will not buy another box and will return this one tomorrow.

  24. Honeycomb used to be my favorite cereal. Not anymore. This new flavour doesn’t even taste like Honeycombs anymore. When I was a kid Honeycomb were big and fluffy. They looked like a honeycomb…not a flower. Very disappointed in the new flavour. Bring back the original recipe!

  25. I couldn’t finish my bowl, into the garbage it went. Im off to the store to buy up whatever is left of the original. I wrote to the company this morning to stop the insanity.

  26. This new honey comb is very disappointing. I threw my bowl away. Where is the original, the good stuff. Definitely will not but this one again. Bring back the old one. It was one of my family favorites.

  27. This new cereal almost makes me want to cry. Honeycomb has been my favorite cereal since I was a child and I’m 37 now. My kids love Honeycomb, too. When I saw the new package, I thought it was a new marketing gig. But when I tasted it, my heart sank. Bring back our old, melt in your mouth cereal with the big honey taste. This tastes like a bad grocery store-brand knockoff. I’m so bummed.

  28. Wth!? I thought it was stale. I think it’s horrible. Why do companies think they have to change things all the time. Leave it the way it was. This “new” bigger flavor speaks for itself. It’s a big disappointment. Been eating this cereal for 40 years and I won’t be buying it anymore unless they change it back! The new cereal tastes old and stale. Not to mention the size went down also. Disappointed

  29. HATE the new “Bigger Flavor” Honeycomb Cereal!!! I’ve been eating Honeycombs since I was little and LOVED them. Opened the new changed recipe box, poured a bowl – noticed the new lacquer finish (which was disturbing) and then tasted them. Tasted like sugar lacquered cardboard. Just AWFUL! Had been purchasing a box a week for ages, but won’t be doing that anymore. Doubt I can stand one more bowl. Hopefully the birds will like it! Sadly will have to move on to some other brand. Ruined a piece of my childhood 😞

  30. Absolutely gross.. bring back the original flavor. I used to love the puffiness of the honey comb and now they are flat and way to hard…

  31. Agree with everyone who says this new Honeycombs is GROSS. Just sent my nasty email to Post asking them if this was a prank.

  32. Bring back the old Honeycomb!!! This new version tastes like Sugar Pops in my opinion, and I never cared for those. I am now at a loss as to which cereal I will buy as the previous Honeycomb was right on target – this newest rendition is far removed from what I consider as a product to purchase or consume. There is no comparison. I assume it’s less expensive to produce in this form, but it’s not worthy of the name – or the jingle… that many of us grew up with, and still remain loyal to.

  33. Why why why! I had a bowl last night and couldn’t finish it. Then this morning I poured my 7 year old a bowl and told him nothing about the new recipe. He took a few bites and asked why his favorite cereal tasted so bad, he threw it right away. Total bummer. I hope they bring the old recipe back.

  34. The new Honeycomb cereal is awful! If Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (for example) can stay the same over the years, why can’t Honeycomb cereal?

  35. I have been eating Honeycomb for at least 40 years… as an adult I like to keep it in the car to snack on… When I first opened the box I thoight there was something wrong with my box of Honeycomb… very disappointed. .. I will looking for a new snack cereal

  36. Did anyone else notice the new Hobeycombs have a green tint to them? It was so noticeable that my wife dumped them out beside spme from a previous box.

  37. Couldn’t even eat it, had to throw my bowl in the trash it was that nasty! It was my favorite for years and now I won’t ever buy this new improved crap again. Such a shame, please bring back the original! I sent a complaint in to Post customer service also!

  38. Wow talk about trying to save money screw you post cereal we will no longer be buying your products period bold new taste have you tired them they taste like flavores card board.. you say new taste and flavor but it’s just a way to save money well no longer will we have anything Post in this house… way to go hope everyone else drops your ass as well.. as long as your bottom line is safe screw the customer right good day and good life bye bye Post cereal..

  39. “Introduced in 1965, Honeycomb is a classic post cereal. Honeycomb fans have loved the original shape and one-of-a-kind taste of the cereal for more than 45 years”. Why change it now? The above quote was taken from the Post website.

  40. Really bad new recipe. There was nothing wrong with the old one, we have been eating it for years. We will not buy this cereal again. It is garbage now

  41. Sadly Honeycombs is not made by Post Cereal in Battle Creek Michigan anymore. The New Honeycomb is being made by Malt-O Meal in Minnesota to save money.

  42. Someone should forward this comment section to Post, because I have to agree — these new Honeycombs are nasty. The texture is all wrong, and they’re just flavorless. They taste like a bad store brand knockoff of Honeycombs.

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