Spooned & Spotted: Lucky Charms with Three New Rainbow Marshmallows!

Lucky Charms with Three New Rainbow Marshmallows Box

Some seven and a half years ago, an MMA fighter turned farmer released a video of him gawking at a double rainbow whilst apparently hyped up on something far giddier than marshmallows. Now in the year 2017, Lucky the Leprechaun is doing him one better, with a new Lucky Charms cereal boasting three new rainbow marshmallows.

And it’s an old Lucky, too! We’ve all gotten used to seeing the Fairly OddParents-esque current Lucky, so it’s nice to see the familiar face many of us grew up with make a return along some colorfully granulated parabola friends.

These chic new marbits come just a few months after Lucky Charms debuted a full palette’s worth of Mixed-Up Marshmallows. While I say this with a tinfoil hat worn so tightly on my head it’s channeling local AM radio stations directly into my noggin, I still believe that the cereal brand’s marshmallow fashion show is being done to condition cereal lovers for the inevitable day that Lucky Charms ditches artificial colors, as per General Mills’ ongoing plight to make our nostalgic Saturday morning sugar bombs “all natural.”

I mean, just look at two of those marshmallows: no atomic blue, and no overly radioactive Shrek green! Call me a conspiracy theorist or a rose-tinted idealist if you must, but I want all my marshmallows to stay looking like something Thanos would put in the Infinity Gauntlet.

Lucky Charms Three New Rainbows Box Back

Unfortunately, the backs of these boxes don’t reveal any clues about dastardly Cerealluminati plots—just some sort of maze game that’ll keep you entertained precisely long enough to survive a Price is Right commercial break.

I’ve spotted these boxes at Walmart and Meijer now. Got a fascinating new cereal scoop of your own? Plop it on down at our Submissions page for a chance to see it on the blog!

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4 responses »

  1. Hey Dan!
    I’m actually pretty surprised this news has no comment yet.

    To be fair, after you posted the pic on instagram i was also not very excited or thought this is BIG news, but after reading your article i’m shocked i didn’t think about this! Good call!

    I mean i really hoped GM will never figure out how to change the marshmallow formula to eliminate artifical colors and flavors, but you’re right… they seem pretty pale and this could be the first step… 🙁

    Did you buy them? Is there any difference in taste? Or is it just the color? If the latter, then there is still hope! I mean… you also eat with your eyes first, but as long as my cereal taste as it supposed to be i don’t care if it sparkles like unicorn poop, looks like cardboard rings or is charocal black with no real health benefits ^^
    (But with TRIX, Honey Comb and Alpha-Bits I#m a bit afraid here… :()

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