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  1. Hey, I’m very excited about this site as an ABSOLUTE Defcon 5 cereal junkie.
    I only really only follow one other food blog on a daily basis but this will now be added.

    Really looking forward to it. Well done good sir!!

    • Thanks a (Honey) bunch (of Oats), Marc! Glad to hear you’ll be reading. Be sure to let us know if you have any ideas, as the site is still young (and always young at heart)!

    • The new honey comb is terrible! Why did they change the recipe. I have been eating this cereal since I was a little girl. Very disappointed!

        • I too agree that the new taste of Honeycomb is awful! The texture is different, the colour looks fake and the taste is not as sweet. This is the last box I buy too and what is left might be used to feed the dogs. Post, you messed up, don’t mess with a good thing!

      • I agree – very disappointed. Been buying for years and won’t buy again!!! The kids wouldn’t even eat it. Please go back to the original recipe!!!

      • This new honeycomb change is really a bad deal. it is terrible. If i wanted a bad store brand knock off i would just save the money and buy it. What a stupid decision to change a great thing. We are looking for something else.Thanks alot you bunch of idiots.

      • Been eating this since early 70’s. I have not had in a while but new size, shape and taste is lame. Just another unnecessary change made by a novice corporate staff that has no knowledge of good things past. Its not high tech man, no need to “upgrade”

    • I am the adult who is still a kid. I have been eating honey comb for about 45 years and the new flavor is the worst. I had to throw out 3 boxes I just bought because I can’t eat this cardboard flavor cereal. Such a bad decision…whoever changed this has no idea how bad it is. Yep…sounds crazy but I am adult who is unhappy, and now will not eat a favorite food after 45 years of enjoying it. If someone knows why this was done please let me know.

  2. Does anyone know where to buy Kelloggs To Go breakfast mix? I love the cinnamon roasted candied pecan, and can’t find it anywhere. I live in TX.

    • Wow, that’s amazing, Sydney! I don’t even know if my daily pantry stockpile can stack up. What’s your all time favorite cereal?

      • Probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch (boring answer) since I’ve been eating it for 20+ years. But there might be a few defunct cereals I’d give it up for (including what Apple Jacks used to taste like when I was a kid).

  3. I have Post Raisin Bran for breakfast practically every morning. I add walnuts, blueberries and unsweetened almond milf. On the side I drink about 4 ounces of carrot juice. I think the breakfast is nutrionally balanced. The protein from the walnuts helps me avoid the mid morning crash I often have when I eat cereal alone. I eat Post Raisin Bran exclusively because the raisins are always soft and prevents tooth cracking. Other brans would occasionally have a Raisin so hard I could not soften in the milk and resulted in a broken tooth.

  4. Home Run Crunch is back. I either never paid attention or they never had it here before but I found it at Safeway and Walmart yesterday and scooped up 5 boxes. I am on my last three boxes of Halloween Crunch so this will fill the void.

  5. OMG! Pretty soon I’ll have nothing to remember from my childhood. This new Honey Comb cereal is horrible. It taste like a dollar store knock off cereal of some sort as has the quality of such. POST, I am becoming very dissappointed with you. First, Alpha bits changed. Then Golden Crisp got weird. Fruity Pebbles is like chewing wax and now this. My predictions…..sales will decrease and these product lines will no longer be anchors of the business. Please give it a rest.With cereal, marketing is the key and winning each generation is the key to profitability. Not changing recipies.
    -Mfg. Eng. Cerealologist

    • I agree! I’ve started buying other brands rather than Post because it seems like they’re changing too much. Post cereal is delicious the way it is. That’s what we fell in love with so why change it?

  6. Hi, I’ve been a fan of your website for a long time – breakfast foods are my favourite type of food but because of my OCD and anxiety I struggle try new things without knowing exactly what they are like! Your reviews are always so in depth, which is so helpful 🙂
    I especially like the pop tart reviews, since you try them frozen/hot/room temp!
    Which pop tarts do you think are best frozen or room temp, if you don’t mind answering?

    • Hey Saffron,

      Thanks for the inspiring comment! Glad to have you as a reader, especially since I’ve struggled with OCD and anxiety, as well, in different forms. As for your Pop-Tart question: that’s a good one! I love all Pop-Tarts so much, that it’s tough to choose, but I’d say (assuming I can only pick currently existing flavors):
      Room temperature: Cookies & Creme (with Chocolate Fudge & Chocolate Chip as runners-up)
      Frozen: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, for sure

  7. I just want to say that I liked the way the Honeycomb cereal tasted before. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? I think the new “bigger” taste makes them taste stale to me. I was so disappointed after I bought 2 boxes of the new “bigger” tasting Honeycomb cereal and had a bowl full ready to eat but after just the first bite, I was let down. Please leave the cereal the way it was. It tasted better, or at least to me, the new taste makes them have a stale texture or consistency.

  8. I grew up eating Honey Combs Now the flavor color and texture has changed . I no longer like them is there a way you could go bacck to the old flavor .

  9. It is almost impossible that Post could have screwed up Honeycomb so badly that I am now posting on a Cereal blog to tell the very small world of cereal bloggers how completely awful the new version. I loved Honeycomb— now I’d rather eat a bowl of cold pinto beans.

  10. I really wanted some honey comb. Was looking forward to eating a bowl and to take it to work to snack on. I was so disappointed to find it’s changed to a subpar knock off of the original. Please bring back the original!!

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