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Spooned & Spotted: Double Chocolate Krave with More Chocolate

Kellogg's Now More Chocolate Double Chocolate Krave Cereal

I usually hate the Internet’s tendency to call any thing within a thing “thing-ception.” I love DiCaprio as much as the next guy, but this is pretty much my generation’s equivalent of unnecessarily affixing “-gate” to even the mildest snafu or ill-timed social media post from a pizza company.

That said, I think I’m perfectly justified in calling Kellogg’s new More Chocolate Double Chocolate Krave “Chocolate-ception.” After all, Double Chocolate Krave was initially released as a more chocolaty version of original Krave. So a more chocolaty version of an already more chocolaty cereal seems so deliciously redundant that Xzibit is probably out there somewhere crying a single tear of joy without even knowing why.

Of course, that’s not going to stop me from plowing through boxes of this stuff—with added chocolate milk and Hershey’s syrup and sprinkles and a crumbled up cookie because why not? Even though I made fun of original More Chocolate Krave’s concept in my review, that stuff has completely ruined “regular chocolate” Krave for me. It just tastes so bland now without a plumper biscuit shell and roughly 20% more creamy chocolate filling.

So even though I look forward to losing myself in More Chocolate Double Chocolate Krave’s deepest limbo level, my heart still goes out to Krave S’Mores. See, Krave S’Mores isn’t mentioned on any of the new “More Chocolate” packaging, leading me to assume that it’s either being discontinued, or it’s just never getting this Doritos-esque x-treme chocolate infusion.

Or who knows, maybe Kellogg’s is still perfecting the technology for a “More Marshmallowy Krave S’Mores” cereal that stuffs a full Jet-Puffed mini ‘mallow into each piece.

Do you have a cool cereal photo to share (I spotted these at Meijer)? Feel free to pass it along on our submissions page, or just email us at cerealously.net@gmail.com. There’s a good chance your picture could be featured on the site.

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Review: Krave Cereal (Now with More Chocolate!)

Kellogg's Krave Cereal Now with More Chocolate Box

Krave sounds like the perfect vehicle for exciting, limited edition cereal flavors. Its semi-hollow, chocolate-striped biscuits could be filled with any number of wacky tastes.

Krave could pair the chocolate with a peanut butter ribbon, pipette some strawberry filling in there for Valentine’s Day, layer on some banana for Elvis Presley’s birthday, or heck: just dip every pillowy rectangle in fudge and sprinkles. I like to imagine that all these ideas even got brought up at Kellogg’s last marketing meeting…but then that one guy in the back of the room—you know, that guy— shouted above everyone else with his mouth full of the break room’s last doughnut:

“Hey why don’t we just add more chocolate?”

And this new “Now More Chocolate!” Krave was born. Somewhere across the Atlantic, Europeans are snickering at us over their bowls of Hazelnut, White Chocolate Brownie, and Choco Roulette Krave. Continue reading

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Classic Review: Double Chocolate Krave Cereal

Kellogg's Double Chocolate Krave Cereal Review Box

It’s been a relatively slow year for new holiday cereals, so I figured I’d celebrate the coziest time of year by revisiting one of my personal cozy cocoa classics. After all, it is the season for reconnecting with loved ones.

I’ve mentioned in my previous Krave reviews that the cereal is definitely divisive: most people either adore it (hi, I’m Dan: nice to meet you) or think it tastes like dog food pellets stuffed with expired chocolate pudding. But perhaps in this time of camaraderie and giving, we can give the Krave civil war a rest. Because I like to think that Double Chocolate is Krave’s most universally palatable flavor.

Why is that? Well I’m glad you asked. Pour yourself a glass of chocolate milk, chocolate eggnog, or questionably stale chocolate pudding and let me tell you. Continue reading

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Review: Kellogg’s Krave S’Mores


So this is what Smorz died for?

Of course, Smorz was resurrected this January through some happy cereal voodoo, but times were darker before then. When Kellogg’s announced in 2013 that Smorz was being replaced by Krave S’Mores after 10 years as a fan favorite, tempers were more fiery than a misplaced campfire marshmallow. Smorz fans everywhere treated Krave S’Mores like the brother-murdering, ugly Uncle Claudius of the cereal aisle.

Krave in general has a dedicated camp who vocally dislike it, but as an equally vocal defender of the Krave brand, I felt the need to stand up for Krave S’Mores. When kids complained to their mothers in the cereal aisle, I flipped over shopping carts to send a message. When people spoke ill of Krave S’Mores petitions online, I “Rickrolled” every single one of them.

Okay, neither of these are true. But I did Rickroll myself once. Somehow.

But do Krave S’Mores deserve my “Pedro’s cousins from Napoleon Dynamite” levels of protection? Let’s risk it for the chocolatey marshmallow-filled biscuit and find out.

Continue reading

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Review: Kellogg’s Krave Brownie Treat Bar

IMG_4491I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again.

Krave is a divisive cereal. Most people either think it tastes like dog food, or they wolf it down like hungry canines at chow time.

Personally, I love the stuff…with milk. When munched straight out of the box, Krave is usually too bland and mealy for my tastes. But with the addition of milk, each piece becomes a soft, biscuity chocolate lava cake, oozing with fudgy goo.

That’s why I had doubts about trying this Krave cereal bar. Would I end up having to inject it with a syringe full of 2% to make it palatable?

But then I saw the word “brownie,” and my fears went away. The word “brownie” conjures up happy images of Grandma’s homemade dessert and cheerful Girl Scouts peddling delicious, definitely not homemade dessert cookies.

So I had to give it a try anyway. With a name like Smucker’s Brownie, it has to be good. Right? I’ll still make sure to have the nurses prepare a Nesquik IV drip, just in case. Continue reading

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Cereal Time with Gabe Fonseca: Krave and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal

Do you love to rave about Krave cereal?

Well if so, then you’ll have a heckuva time arguing with cereal chronologist Gabe Fonseca. In the first of the latest two videos we’d like to share with you from his Cereal Time series—which details the winding history of cereal that’s more colorful than a Candy Land board—Gabe begrudgingly covers the initially European, choco-stuffed biscuit sensation which has only recently blessed American shelves.

I’ve mentioned before how divisive Krave is between rabid haters and fans, and Gabe and I are proof of these two camps. When you randomly poll someone about their opinion on the cereal, it’s like playing a game of Krave roulette. And speaking of Krave Roulette…

So how about you, fellow cereal-vores? Do you crave it, or do you save it…for the garbagemen to pick up off your curbside?

Gabe’s second video covers Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal, a tie-in to the mondo radical movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This cereal is a mix of holed cinnamon square pieces (kinda looks like a spiritual predecessor to Jif cereal, eh?) and marshmallowy bits.

It’s nice to have more evidence that the concept of tying in a movie with an oat and marshmallow cereal is such a long-lasting tradition. I bet even in the time of the dinosaurs, they were mixing crunchy Brontosaurus femurs with dino egg shaped marbits. Maybe Bill & Ted can go back and confirm this.

If you think Gabe’s videos are most excellent!, be sure to check ’em all out. Every Cereal Time video can be found here, and you can check out Gabe’s Twitter, as well.

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Review: Halloween Krave Cereal

IMG_3845It doesn’t take much to put me in the Halloween spirit.

A bag full of flimsy plastic spider rings? Yep. A sheet of glittery pumpkin stickers? Yep. Heck, even a hastily-drawn doodle of a sheet ghost in the margins of a notebook can turn me into the human personification of these emojis:


That’s why Kellogg’s new Halloween edition Krave cereal may be an incredibly simple concept on the surface, but it still has me crying happy, pumpkin spice-scented tears of anticipation for the month to come. Is that an exaggeration? I’ll let your imagination decide. Continue reading

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News: Kellogg’s Unearths Limited Edition Krave, Froot Loops, and Apple Jacks Cereals for Halloween


(Images via Kellogg’s Family Rewards)

(EDIT 10/3: My review of Halloween Krave is live! Click here to read it! My review of Halloween Apple Jacks and Froot Loops can be read by clicking here!

It’s all treats and no tricks from Kellogg’s this Halloween season. While General Mills has let their Monster Cereals out of the sarcophagus yet again, and Cap’n Crunch himself is spooking the cereal aisle with Halloween Crunch, the good people at Kellogg’s are firing on all cylinders with three fresh scares of their own.

First up is a jack-o-lantern colored Krave cereal. Unfortunately, the regular cereal shell is merely dyed orange, and there’s no unique pumpkin spice, candy corn, or even sweet potato flavor (okay, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch). Just the same, milk-guzzling biscuit with that ol’ delicious milk chocolate filling.

I also secretly hoped for yellow dyed filling to mimic the healthy glow of a carved lantern, but this radiant orange is still enough to turn my Hallo-hype meter from “fun-sized” to “king-sized.”

Alongside Krave are new varieties of Froot Loops and Apple Jacks. Both fruity cereals will get marshmallows shaped like the different anatomical sections of a skeleton. This way, you can either build your own full skeleton or simply revel in the cannibalistic joy of chewing on pelvis-shaped sugar bits.

All three cereals come in delightful boxes that paint their respective mascots in dramatized, horror movie-esque styles. The Krave Chocovore is Coming to get you, Barbara, Toucan Sam has spent too long in the Overlook Hotel, and Apple & Cinnamon just stumbled on a house they can easily steal from, since the only person home is Macauley Caulkin. Wait, wrong holiday.

Look for these limited edition boxes in a store near you soon. But don’t wait too long: missing a bowl of these will surely make you howl in disappointment.

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