Cereal Time with Gabe Fonseca: Shrek Cereal and “Cereal of the Month”

Stop right there, dear reader!

Stop and check yourself!

You better check yourself before you…Shrek yourself!

And why is that? Because we would hate for you to miss the latest two entries in cereal maven Gabe Fonseca’s Cereal Time YouTube series. His videos have more layers of fun and nostalgia than an onion, a cake, and an ogre combined!

The first video we’d like to share details the rich and marshmallowy history of Shrek branded cereals. And while our days of seeing new movies featuring this ogre may be over, it’s fun to look back at just how many cereals he’s had his name attached to.

From the standard oats and marbits mix to a box of particularly green bootleg Froot Loops, Shrek has had some pretty appetizing cereals…which is surprising for a character who bathes in the swamp!

Gabe’s latest video is a bit more unique. Instead of looking at the family tree of a single cereal line, he proposes an interesting idea that could affect the entire history of cereal!

Gabe’s idea is for a large cereal company like General Mills to release a “Cereal of the Month” club, similar to Loot Crate or other subscription services. While you’ll have to watch the video to hear all the details, his monthly themed ideas are very creative, as they range from the revival of Sprinkle Spangles all the way to the creation of Gingerbread Toast Crunch.

And as someone who hopes to one day be cremated and have his ashes stored in a box of Gingerbread Toast Crunch (they would be that good!), I can get behind this idea. If you like Gabe’s idea, he and I both encourage you to tweet General Mills, Kellogg’s, or any other big cereal company about it.

Who knows: if enough people voice their opinion, maybe you’ll all be eating Gingerbread Toast Crunch at my wedding some day.

If you want to binge watch all of Gabe’s videos (after you binge watch the Shrek series, of course), every Cereal Time video can be found here, and you can check out Gabe’s Twitter, as well.

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