News: Banana Nut Cheerios Cereal is Returning for 2017!

Banana Nut Cheerios

(Image via General Mills. Note: this is an old box photo, as the new one hasn’t been released yet.)

It would be so, so easy to make a “going nuts” joke to open this review, but that would be too easy. I’ll hold off, because I know it would make you all go bananas.


But whichever gastronomical idiom you use to express your excitement, there’s plenty to be giddy about. Even after gifting us delicious new apple cinnamon and mocha cereals, as well as the sure-to-be-delicious-because-c’mon-just-look-at-them Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites doughnut holes, General Mills is treating cereal fans like spoiled grandkids once more by bringing back Banana Nut Cheerios, a fan-favorite variety that lasted from 2009 until late 2015.

Thanks to a tip from our friend Steffen (who has a great site about foreign cereals, if you have a translator ready), the above press release confirmed that the cult favorite Cheerios were returning to shelves.

We love you, Grandma Mills: you always did make the best banana bread.

Which is interesting, because while banana nut and banana bread are similara flavors, I don’t consider them exactly the same. It will be fun to see (and taste) whether the revival of Banana Nut Cheerios is exactly the same as before, or if it draws inspiration from Canada’s delightfully dense and ripe Banana Bread Shreddies.

Or maybe they’ll just subvert all expectations and make them taste like a peanut butter banana sandwich. Speaking of which…hey General Mills, people did love your discontinued Peanut Butter Cheerios. Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

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    • Have you tried Kroger peanut butter Os? I am quite fond of those. I have never seen actual PB Cheerios to compare, but the Kroger version is darn tasty.

      • I bought some today and will give you a honest opinion of how I think of them! I must agree that their Raisin Bran Clusters are absolutely amazing though. I love the thickness of the flakes, the immense size of the clusters and the non coated pureness of the raisins!

      • I’m eating them right now and the taste is spot on imo! The clusters are huge just like the raisin bran clusters too lol

  1. Omg is this real life?! These and the pb cheerios are my favorite of all time when it comes to their flavoured o’s… Ima cry if I can find these soon and buy like 19 boxes in case they decide to take them away from us in stores again…

  2. Wait, are you serious? Are they really coming back to shelves in stores? If so, I gotta buy like a pallet of them! I remember loving the one and only box I had of it!

  3. Please come back Banana nut Cheerios they were so good I even paid $25 for one box after they were discontinued so sad please come back

  4. I have missed Banana Nut Cheerios since they were discontinued. Back in 2010 I was told that I was pre diabetic and I needed to lose weight or go on Meds.
    I started eating Banana nut cheerios and was able to lose 42 pounds in about 6 months. Since they were discontinued I have gained 25 lbs back.
    Now that they bringing them back I can reverse my weight loss.
    I just need to know when they will hit the stores. I bought at least a 1000 boxes and was paying up to $20 a box, during desperation. I have tried every flavor that has hit the stores but I can’t be satisfied unless they are Banana Nut!!! I live in Virginia and I need them back.

  5. I just tried the new banana nut cheerios and I was so disappointed. They had no banana flavor. Maybe I will try Trader Joe’s instead.

  6. Was very happy to see my favorite cereal come back. I used to have them every morning with blueberries. I picked up a box and was kind of disappointed. It doesn’t taste like the cereal of old. Too much cinnamon. Probably won’t buy again.

  7. I ran out and bought 6 boxes of my favorite banana but cheerios and was terribly disappointed. What on earth possessed them to change the recipe, they taste horrible. I was so excited that they brought them back but after tasting them, I wish they had kept them. What a let down.

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