News: Kellogg’s Donut Shop Chocolate Donut Cereal is Coming Soon!

Kellogg's Donut Shop Chocolate Donut Cereal Box

(Image via Kellogg’s)

Somewhere out there, in whatever crunchy, cosmic Valhalla awaits discontinued cereals, Cap’n Crunch’s Choco Donuts weeps.

See, Kellogg’s is debuting a new Donut Shop Chocolate Donut Cereal, and it reminds me of the Cap’n’s long-discontinued and much-beloved chocolate pastry cereal from the early 2000s (its full name: Oops! Choco Donuts, as if that was anything but the happiest accident).

Sure, Kellogg’s version, which has a gorgeously Pepto-Bismol pink, family-sized box, may lack the Cap’n’s sprinkles, and sure, the Cap’n still has Sprinkled Donut Crunch to rival or mix with this, but it still does feel like a low blow to the Cap’n’s dearly departed doughnuts (that’s the correct way to spell it, ugh), whom I’m sure he misses like a edible, frosted children that went to study abroad in Rome and never came back.

At least, I like to tell myself that there’s still a box of Choco Donuts hidden somewhere beneath the Colosseum.

No word yet on when Kellogg’s Chocolate Donut Cereal will hit shelves—or whether it’ll just taste like Cocoa Puffs or cream-less Oreo O’s—but I like to remain hyper-optimistic: if “Chocolate Donut” is just one variety of a wider “Donut Shop” brand, maybe we’ll finally get the world’s first Sour Cream Donut Cereal.

Too ridiculous? Fine, I’ll settle for Boston Cream.

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  1. Hm… i know i’m a weirdo, but when it came to chocolate flavored cereal (and you know i’m more the honey, maple, caramel guy) i loved Coco Pops (aka cocoa krispies) over every other variety.
    I didn’t like the Nesquik Cereal (with ball shaped cereals, so an equivalent to cocoa puffs) that much, just the chocolate milk was way better and over the top. The shape and texture wasn’t what i liked.
    The shell shaped Chocos were a different story, i like the texture and shape and the chocolate was also good, but coco pops were just superior.
    And then came Chocolate Hoops ( and to be honest… they were always the weakest. xD
    Maybe because they weren’t made by a major brand or just because the base and texture were off. ^^

    Still it seems kellogg’s is bringing weetos ( or the rings from their Coco Pops Rocks ( to the US.
    For all choclate lovers out there: I’m happy for you, ’cause i’m pretty sure the base could be a different one (though it most probably will contain corn somehow) and the shape is at least a bit different (though you all know the shape better than we europeans since you have way more Cheerios flavors xD)

    I’m looking forward to your review Dan (as always) and i’m curious if they fall into the category of the Lidl Choco Hoops or more into something worth beeing called chocolate donut cereal 😀


    PS: Small and funny anecdote: While i was searching for the name of the famous british chocolate cereal rings (weetos) i stumbled across this toxic looking rice cereal Gabe would love:
    (and yes it seems to be a real thing in South Africa xD)

    • …you should try the POST cereals up here in CANADA…THEY changed the recipes on atleast 3 of the cereals…taste awwwwful NOW…

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