Review: Honeycomb Cereal (Now with Bigger Flavor!)

Post Bigger Flavor Honeycomb Cereal Box

Not since Andre the Giant menacingly knocked on the Honeycomb Hideout’s window have I been so geeked to eat a bowl of Honeycomb cereal.

Sure, the stuff has had fun flavor iterations—Strawberry, Chocolate, Cinna-Graham—and it even briefly got “Twisted Marshmallows” 3 years back in a decades-late attempt to capitalize on the “X-Treme Snax” movement of the radical ’90s. But it has also progressively lost its flavor, as not one, but two ill-received formula changes in the early 2000s left Honeycomb a squishy and styrofoam-y compared to the golden-smacked Golden God it was before the turn of the century.

All that BIG HONEY TASTE Andre had roared about went to go live on a bee farm upstate, so to speak.

But this newly revamped Honeycomb boasts a “bigger flavor,” in a charming homage to those days when the cereal hung its hat on its humongous honey-ness. This change comes in the midst of a wider cereal flavor revolution, as Cocoa Puffs and Krave have added “50% more cocoa” and “more chocolate,” respectively. But while those two put an easy-to-measure qualifier on their taste changes, Honeycomb’s flavor is now simply “bigger,” which could either mean they added more honey or hired fatter bees.

Either way, I’m  going to try them while I wait for my Giant sideburns to grow in. 

Post Bigger Flavor Honeycomb Cereal

The first thing I notice about “bigger flavor” Honeycomb is that some pieces actually have their holes sealed with a translucent honey-sugar glaze—a good sign—while even more are weirdly diamond shaped, like someone grabbed a plain Honeycomb and yanked on its ends, Stretch Armstrong-style. And this might just be my box, but the texture of each piece is far hardier and crunchier than the soft, melt-in-your mouth pushovers my molars have grown accustomed to tearing through like limp mostaccioli. This is neither good nor bad, but as someone who responds to change as subtle as a new toothpaste brand with existential panic, I’ll have to adjust.

This new Honeycomb formula is definitely both sweeter and butterier, too, though its sweetness is more pleasantly toasty than its purely saccharine predecessor. However, the honey taste is in no way bigger or more potent. In fact, I find myself struggling harder than ever before to detect a distinct honey flavor worth describing—maybe this whole cereal is meant to be a commentary on the world’s disappearing bee population. Sure, there is a generically honey-sweet coating on each piece, but it lacks depth or complexity: think honey cruller glaze instead of a goldenly infused Teddy Graham.

All together, eating new Honeycomb feels kind of like eating store-bought honey popcorn. There’s sweetness, butter, and honey, but there’s no heart. If you’re reading this, Winnie the Pooh, I recommend keeping your receipt.

Post Bigger Flavor Honeycomb Cereal with Milk

Thankfully, the cereal gets its beeswax in gear when eaten with milk. Turns out the honey flavor just needs a thickening agent to come back alive, and milk’s creaminess acts as a suitable necromancer. The honey becomes nicely sweet, the texture becomes soft again, and the sugary sweetness is tempered—so why does new Honeycomb still leave me feeling a little empty?

I think it’s because someone pulled the ol’ honey switcheroo. Old Honeycomb had a more syrupy, floral honey taste—in the same school of honey as Honey Bunches of Oats—whereas this stuff feels way more roasted and nutty, as if the cereal had graduated with Buzz the Bee’s Cheerios instead. It definitely tastes good and is a worthy honey cereal, but new Honeycomb eventually starts to feel like a different cereal altogether, rather than the one I grew up with.

Kinda like that kid in school who studied abroad and came back changed, except this stuff didn’t just stare at armless statues and claim to “spiritually understand art’s beautiful music.”

So while new Honeycomb’s flavor may not be quantifiably bigger, it certainly is something. Whether you like it or not will depend on your honey cereal preferences and your nostalgia for old Honeycomb. The cereal industry keeps changing, and I’d be lying if I said I’m happy when they futz with my favorites, but things could’ve gone a lot worse here.

They could’ve added “X-Treme Nacho Cheez.”


The Bowl: Honeycomb Cereal (Now with Bigger Flavor!)

The Breakdown: Sweeter, toastier, and nuttier, but far from honey-er, “Bigger Flavor” Honeycomb all but requires milk to make it an average, albeit less recognizable, honey cereal—otherwise you’re left eating popcorn for breakfast. And wouldn’t you just feel a little silly?

The Bottom line: 6 Honeycomb-sized Stretch Armstrongs out of 10

(Quick Nutrition Facts: 130 calories, 1 gram of fiber, 10 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein per 1 and 1/4 cup serving)


Please note: if you’re going to comment about your distaste for the new Honeycomb, that’s fine. But please don’t blame me for it—as much as I’d like to, I have no power to change anything. You can direct all suggestions to Post’s Customer Service.

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  1. The new and improved Honeycomb is a disappointment, bring back the original recipe that has kept me buying for over 40 years!

    • This new 🍯 honeycomb cereal is terrible, hopefully you can still get the old formula or I will have to get a new brand after eating honeycomb for many years so sad😞

      • I will agree with you! The new Honey Comb is DISGUSTING! I bought 2 boxes today and I’m taking them back! They don’t even taste like honeycombs anymore. COMPLETE GARBAGE! I won’t buy another box ever again! Unless they go back to the old recipe!

          • I agree. Honeycomb was my favorite for over 30 years since I discovered, but I will never buy Honeycomb again. so sad.

          • I occasionally buy a box for a treat to snack on, I love to eat it dry. This ‘new’ version is flat out gross! The shiny glaze is off-putting and the texture is gritty. This is so sad… I will NOT be buying Honeycombs anymore.

          • you guys are not alone!! I fond them awfull and use to like them a lot! I dont even want my children to eat them,its look like/taste they mix plastic and flour! lol

      • I am with you 100%. The cereal was missing for a while off my grocery store shelf and one day it popped back up. When I saw the new box, I thought it was the store’s generic version until I saw “Post”. Took it home, tried it, and immediately looked at the expiration date because something didn’t taste right. I agree, the change in formula is very disappointing!

        • So right on. What is this besides…YUCK! Why will they never learn, “if it ain’t broke,don’t fix it” ! We need to all be writing this to them though, not each other! However, it is nice to know I am not alone! Ha! Let’s all write to the company!

        • My thoughts exactly! Box looks CHEAP and new cereal version is DISGUSTING! I as well looked at expiration date and to see if it was some generic version.It’s just horrible. Will not buy any more POST cereal products unless they bring it back. YUK!

      • Thank You!!! I thought it was just me. This cereal is horrible. I will not buy another box and I have loved this cereal for years. When I add milk, it gets even worse and I feel like I am eating some kind of bland cardboard. I won’t buy it again.

    • I hate this new cereal! I want my old cereal back. This new one is like eating sweetened cardboard!

    • Omg as soon as I poured some out I was like what the heck did they do.. is the new big taste the taste of styrofoam cause that’s what they taste like… thanks for ruining my favourite cereal post foods cause this is sick

    • I agree with this individual. Not a fan. Totally “turned-off”. Don’t always listen to the “cost accountant” to change the formula behind the backs of its consumers (always seems to be about the “cost” and not the “quality”). If it doesn’t change back to original (better) taste for Canada – which seems to have been “dumped” on us in the past month or so, which they are entitled to do, you have definitely lost myself and my son (for what it is worth). bah-bye…

    • I used to have a favorite cereal, I would buy boxes and keep them at my desk it’s a nice not too sweet dry snack. Honeycomb cereal so today I go to buy a box and it’s a new Honeycomb cereal. It’s horrible the consistency is mushy and to quote Clark W. Griswold from Christmas Vacation they seem to have “Oh the Crunch enhancer? Yeah it’s a non-nutritive cereal varnish. It’s semi-permiable. It’s not osmotic. What it does is it coats and seals the flake, prevents the milk from penetrating it.” but no it is a shiny sugary coating that instantly dissolves allowing the cereal to instantly turn mushy. I hate this new cereal and will never buy it again.

      • I used to buy Honeycomb to eat as a dry snack in the car during long trips. I figured it was healthier than cookies or chips. These new ones are not tasty and they are also very sticky. We no longer can eat it dry. My kids won’t even finish the box. I will never buy it again

    • I chocked down one bowl and threw the rest of that fresh new box in the garbage! I’m so disgusted with this change. I’m sure it is cheaper to manufacture since cardboard is readily available. I will not buy it again unless there is a big sign on the box saying it’s not “new and improved” but good old, good old Honeycomb. Not sure where the cost savings will be when they can’t sell this poor excuse of cereal. I don’t think my dogs would even eat this stuff!

      • This “new” Honeycomb is the worst!! Both taste and texture are disgusting. Why??? Why change what was a good cereal. I had to throw the whole box and what was in my kids bowls in the trash. I tasted this family favorite and now see why they spit it out!! It is terrible. I will never buy it again. Huge waste of money and now I will have to try other brands to see what my kids will eat. Why?? Why change it!!

    • New Honeycomb!!!!😠😠 Hello Post Management. Remember NEW COKE? Bring back the last recipe or you will be the next Sears! Is your CEO Eddie L. ??

      • Please bring back the old formula! Why mess with a good thing. We will not buy again until it is changed back. Terrible aftertaste, don’t like the texture or flavor. How did it get past quality control?

    • Glad I’m not alone. When I ate them the first time I thought something was wrong with them. I have been eating them since I was a kid, over 40 years. They were my favorite. Not I won’t eat them. They are terrible!

      • I agree 100%, I too have been eating Honeycomb off and on since the 70’s and they have totally ruined them. I feel everyones pain here

    • Agreed! After the first spoonful I googled ” New Honeycombs Sucks” and this message board came up! Please bring back original. Honeycombs was one of the few cereals from my youth that hasn’t changed.

    • I noticed the change in flavor too — enough so to write to Post about it, that the flavor was very bland. Probably a cost cutting measure, as is usual these days. Their response was they would send my letter to management, which means nothing will change.

    • I bought for the first time today. I agree. It’s awful… Didn’t realize they had changed. Won’t be buying again for sure.

    • Been enjoying this cereal most of my life (I’m 50). Just bought two family size boxes, had a bowl, it didn’t quite look right but then I tasted it. Disgusting! Got a refund on both.what a shame.

    • I want my old Honeycombs back…I tried to eat a bowl of the new ones this morning and threw them out in the yard after a few bites…Yuck they were awful…the birds won’t even eat them.

    • This new recipe is terrible. I honestly thought I had gotten a botched box so I bought another box and it was the same! PLEASE bring back the original recipe. 😔😔

    • My 15 year old son tried the new version and hates it! I thought how bad can it be?? It’s bad! Bring back the original formula!

    • I got done today, expecting it to taste like it did years ago
      . No such luck, still awful. The milk doesn’t even taste sweet after the cereal is gone. Never will buy again!

    • I opened up a box last night and immediately texted the company. I don’t understand why they feel the need to change something that’s been around for so long. I barely took to the flavor that I was currently eating. Needless to say, the box is full and I will not even try it, with milk either. The one I tasted was enough to have me almost in tears. Epic fail. They are making it easier for me to give it up and not buy it for my family at all.

    • As a lifelong Honeycombs buyer, and now my kids eat it too (or did at least) we are extremely disappointed with the new formula. The old recipe was so much better. Sadly, we must cross Honeycombs off our grocery list until the new formula returns. Not sure if this was a cost savings move or not, but it’s definitely lost its great all-around flavor and texture, and tastes like a cheap knock-off. The new stuff sucks. Post, please bring it back!

    • I found a box of the old formula Honeycomb in the store this weekend and I am beyond excited!! The box was a little banged up like it had fallen somewhere and been forgotten about. I took it home, prayed that it was what I thought it was, and then had the most delicious bowl of cereal! I think it was even better to me than before because I knew what a rare find it was. The expiration date of Dec 2017 is only 2 months away but this year old box of the old, good stuff tasted infinitely better than the new formula ever could, even fresh from the factory.

    • I just bought the New Honeycombs, poured a bowl, took a rate and threw the remainder of the box in the trash. Disgusting. This article is complete BS NOBODY would give a good review on yellow styrofoam. Nasty!!

    • I agree! I haven’t had it for awhile and bought a box this weekend. So disappointed. It’s horrible! I won’t buy it again unless it gets changed back to the way it was.

    • A little late but I agree the new Honeycomb is a huge disappointment. Don’t bother trying Alpha Bits either because it is horrible now also.

    • Horrible cereal that used to be awesome!!! Now it tastes like plastic for real!!!! Even Coke made that mistake and brought it back to fix it. Bring Honeycomb back to the great cereal it was, kids hate it now and it’s more expensive. They change it for the worse and charge more. Great idea-NOT!!!! 🙁

  2. Honey Comb has always held a spot as my favorite childhood Post cereal. I’m glad they’re trying to fix the newer formula.

  3. Like Honeycomb, Alpha-Bits also became much worse years ago when it was made more nutritious and less sugary – nearly inedible, just tasted like cardboard. Apparently there is now a ‘new and improved’ Alpha-Bits coming soon. I would love to read your review of this supposedly improved Alpha-Bits.

  4. I’ve been loving Honeycomb for as long as it can remember but I am disappointed at this change. In my opinion the cereal itself tastes like brittle cardboard under the new honey coat. It makes feel that costs where cut in quality to pull this new, bigger flavor hype. I really hope this doesn’t last since I’ll really miss my Honeycomb fix in the morning.

  5. Absolutely hate this change! I adding sugar to this bowl just to eat it. First bowl went in the garbage. I’m so frustrated I loved my Honeycombs just the way they were!

  6. Brutal u guys are nuts its taste like cardboard some one or a few news to be fired over this mess. I refuse to ever buy th again:(yuck x 1000000…….

    • I complete agree with your post. I said it tasted like cardboard that has a shellac on it. I won’t be buying it again and will be returning this box.

  7. The new “bigger flavor” is horrible! It taste like cardboard. My son really loves the old formula and it’s what I grew up on. Please bring back the old formula.

  8. Boy did they mess up in trying to improve the formula. I’m 47 yrs old and grew up on Honeycomb, Fruit Loops & Frosted Flakes. I continue to buy theses every now and then to go back to my childhood favorites when I get the urge. However I bought a box after a break of about 6 months and tried for first time today. THEY TASTE NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL FLAVOR. I will never be purchasing these again and I’m very disappointed in the change. I will be contacting Post Cereal to voice my complaint and opinion directly with them.

  9. Seriously! where is the flavor? i am so disappointed! i actually got my mom to purchase a box as she hadn’t had them in years and she called me and said “there is no taste to them!” i thought she got a bad box, but NO! i tried mine and i could’t believe it! I was a big fan of HoneyComb until today. so disappointed 🙁

  10. Add me to the “new Honeycomb is GROSS!” group. Poured it into the bowl, did a double take, ate some, and, thinking I had a bad batch, tried another taste.

    Not honeycomb taste, nothing like the old Honeycomb, kinda more corn cereal. My son calls the taste ‘weak corn pops”. He says they aren’t bad, but they aren’t Honeycombs anymore. I disagree. I think they’re so bad I came online to find if others felt the same way. So here I am…

    I am gonna describe it as “New Coke Honeycomb”…why the heck would you mess with a formula you’ve used (literally) for generations? I grew up with the old formula -was my favourite then, was last week, not anymore…won’t be buying another box of the new…sorry, Post…you screwed up…

  11. Yep agree with everyone else here the new formula tastes like utter crap. We all need to write directly to post and let them know so they change it back to normal ASAP

  12. I will use a few of the words above to describe the “Now with BIGGER FLAVOR” from each person that has left a comment so far:
    No Good
    Yuck x 1000000…….
    Taste like cardboard !!

    Please return to the original flavor immediately!!

  13. Taste bad! I thought they looked too shiny when I poured them. Going to call and complain. Why did they change it nothing was wrong with the original.

  14. I have been a faithful honeycomb fan since I was a kid. These new ones are horrible. I want my old cereal back!!!

  15. Poured a bowl of my favorite Honeycomb the other day and wondered….what the heck.Thought it had gone bad. Looked at box, and saw it had changed. Sooo very wrong. Change it back.

  16. Honeycombs has been one of my favorite cereals for so long, but now I don’t think I will be buying them anoymore. The new honeycombs are terrible and I absolutely loved the old honeycombs. The new flavor is actually terrible, hopefully you guys bring back the old flavor!!!

  17. Tried the “New bigger flavor”
    Honey combs today might be one of the worst things I’ve ever tried.
    I’ve been a loyal honey combs consumer for over 40 years but I
    WILL NOT buy another box of this crap!!
    Please bring back the original recipe!!!

  18. Tastes horrible! & what’s with the colour?!?
    Why change something, when it was perfect just the way it was!

  19. Just shows u how far a company is willing to go to increase profit margin they didn’t make it healthier I’ll put money on that they remove good and replace with garbage to feed us with everyone should stop buying they wouldn’t have a choice to provide us what we want as a society

  20. I tried to eat them and couldn’t finish my bowl. While a little crunchier, the flavor is so far gone from the originally I’d hardly call them Honeycomb. They taste more like bland rice krispies. They even have the crackle sound. I was very disappointed.

    • I absolutely agree with your Rice Krispies comment, Markiesha! At first I thought they made a mistake and put the wrong formula through the Honeycomb die. I couldn’t believe the Snap, Crackle, Pop I was hearing. Post cereal says they tested it on a sample group and they all loved it. I asked them if anyone in that sample group had ever eaten Honeycomb before. They couldn’t answer that question. I’m searching for a new favorite and will not buy Honeycomb again until I’m assured they went back to the old formula.

    • You and me both. I kept going back to the box like “is this REALLY Honeycomb?????” Ugh. And I bought two big boxes too. At least it was on sale.

  21. Unnoticed the yellow colour right away, but just thought it was from the sun coming in the window. I knew from the first bite (I like them without milk) that they were different. They remind me of corn pops, but not as crispy or flavourful. I came to the Internet to find out what happened! I read that they changed the ingredient list from oat flour to corn flour as the first ingredient. I guess since corn is so cheap, they’re trying to not only attempt to make it healthier, but increase their profits. Did they think no one would notice? It is a totally different cereal. Your article is right on the money. As a side note, I love your writing style and use of descriptive words!

  22. I finished the bowl. That was a task in itself. I asked my son if he tried the Honeycomb and he said he did and that they were “weird”. I then pulled the bag out of the box, held it over the open garbage and asked him; “Will you eat them?”. His reply was “no, never, they’re gross”. I let the bag go and it fell into the trash and I closed the lid. The box itself went into the recycling. I wish I knew that the previous box I had would have been the “last” bowl of honeycomb I would have for the rest of my life.

  23. What a waste of hard earned cash, my favorite cereal just turn to crap. I’m sure they are trying to save money at our expense. Will not buy another box and will return this one tomorrow.

  24. Honeycomb used to be my favorite cereal. Not anymore. This new flavour doesn’t even taste like Honeycombs anymore. When I was a kid Honeycomb were big and fluffy. They looked like a honeycomb…not a flower. Very disappointed in the new flavour. Bring back the original recipe!

  25. I couldn’t finish my bowl, into the garbage it went. Im off to the store to buy up whatever is left of the original. I wrote to the company this morning to stop the insanity.

  26. This new honey comb is very disappointing. I threw my bowl away. Where is the original, the good stuff. Definitely will not but this one again. Bring back the old one. It was one of my family favorites.

  27. This new cereal almost makes me want to cry. Honeycomb has been my favorite cereal since I was a child and I’m 37 now. My kids love Honeycomb, too. When I saw the new package, I thought it was a new marketing gig. But when I tasted it, my heart sank. Bring back our old, melt in your mouth cereal with the big honey taste. This tastes like a bad grocery store-brand knockoff. I’m so bummed.

  28. Wth!? I thought it was stale. I think it’s horrible. Why do companies think they have to change things all the time. Leave it the way it was. This “new” bigger flavor speaks for itself. It’s a big disappointment. Been eating this cereal for 40 years and I won’t be buying it anymore unless they change it back! The new cereal tastes old and stale. Not to mention the size went down also. Disappointed

  29. HATE the new “Bigger Flavor” Honeycomb Cereal!!! I’ve been eating Honeycombs since I was little and LOVED them. Opened the new changed recipe box, poured a bowl – noticed the new lacquer finish (which was disturbing) and then tasted them. Tasted like sugar lacquered cardboard. Just AWFUL! Had been purchasing a box a week for ages, but won’t be doing that anymore. Doubt I can stand one more bowl. Hopefully the birds will like it! Sadly will have to move on to some other brand. Ruined a piece of my childhood 😞

  30. Absolutely gross.. bring back the original flavor. I used to love the puffiness of the honey comb and now they are flat and way to hard…

  31. Agree with everyone who says this new Honeycombs is GROSS. Just sent my nasty email to Post asking them if this was a prank.

  32. Bring back the old Honeycomb!!! This new version tastes like Sugar Pops in my opinion, and I never cared for those. I am now at a loss as to which cereal I will buy as the previous Honeycomb was right on target – this newest rendition is far removed from what I consider as a product to purchase or consume. There is no comparison. I assume it’s less expensive to produce in this form, but it’s not worthy of the name – or the jingle… that many of us grew up with, and still remain loyal to.

  33. Why why why! I had a bowl last night and couldn’t finish it. Then this morning I poured my 7 year old a bowl and told him nothing about the new recipe. He took a few bites and asked why his favorite cereal tasted so bad, he threw it right away. Total bummer. I hope they bring the old recipe back.

  34. The new Honeycomb cereal is awful! If Kellogg’s Corn Flakes (for example) can stay the same over the years, why can’t Honeycomb cereal?

  35. I have been eating Honeycomb for at least 40 years… as an adult I like to keep it in the car to snack on… When I first opened the box I thoight there was something wrong with my box of Honeycomb… very disappointed. .. I will looking for a new snack cereal

  36. Did anyone else notice the new Hobeycombs have a green tint to them? It was so noticeable that my wife dumped them out beside spme from a previous box.

  37. Couldn’t even eat it, had to throw my bowl in the trash it was that nasty! It was my favorite for years and now I won’t ever buy this new improved crap again. Such a shame, please bring back the original! I sent a complaint in to Post customer service also!

  38. Wow talk about trying to save money screw you post cereal we will no longer be buying your products period bold new taste have you tired them they taste like flavores card board.. you say new taste and flavor but it’s just a way to save money well no longer will we have anything Post in this house… way to go hope everyone else drops your ass as well.. as long as your bottom line is safe screw the customer right good day and good life bye bye Post cereal..

  39. “Introduced in 1965, Honeycomb is a classic post cereal. Honeycomb fans have loved the original shape and one-of-a-kind taste of the cereal for more than 45 years”. Why change it now? The above quote was taken from the Post website.

  40. Really bad new recipe. There was nothing wrong with the old one, we have been eating it for years. We will not buy this cereal again. It is garbage now

  41. Sadly Honeycombs is not made by Post Cereal in Battle Creek Michigan anymore. The New Honeycomb is being made by Malt-O Meal in Minnesota to save money.

  42. Someone should forward this comment section to Post, because I have to agree — these new Honeycombs are nasty. The texture is all wrong, and they’re just flavorless. They taste like a bad store brand knockoff of Honeycombs.


  44. This new cereal is disgusting post just one thing remember new coke well that’s what your new cereal is going over as a big stupid mistake whoever approved this new taste needs to be fired

  45. Felt like I was eating Kix.. I’m highly disappointed. I was expecting more honey.. not more corn pop taste

  46. I hate this new Honeycomb. It tastes like shellacked cardboard. Why do they keep trying to change it? It was great the way it was. This box is going in the trash. What a waste of money!

  47. New Honeycombs. Nope. I used to love to eat them dry as a snack. Now they are completely tasteless. Even with milk they are not good anymore. New recipe is a total disappointment, as our family has enjoyed Honeycombs for years. Not any more. Sorry.

  48. So disgusting…I just bought a box and tasted it…that’s what it tastes like…a box! I am so disappointed this was my favorite cereal. I had to google if it had changed because I thought something was wrong with my box.

  49. I went to walmart yesterday and wanted some honeycomb. I switch cereal a lot so this week was a honeycomb week. The box was different, I had to triple check the whole isle to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I hesitantly bought it and regret every penny put into this filth. No flavor and when you chew it up in your mouth it turns instantly into mush. What the hell happened? Disgusting.

  50. I don’t understand how you get this by quality control or testing, this “new taste” is simply disgusting. Had to choke down the bowl as I thought it might get better, never did and now I feel like throwing up. Person or persons who came up with this must be fired, heads must roll!!

  51. Totally agree with everyone else! We do not like the new honeycombs at all! My kids and I love the original version that I’ve had since I was a kid!!! They beg for it & are quite upset when we run out. If they keep this as the new honey comb, I definitely won’t buy anymore. Please change it back!!!

  52. This has always been one of my favorite cereals since childhood but it has been probably about 6 or 7 years since I had actually had any. Picked up a box of the original flavor a couple of weeks back and it was awesome to have that wonderful taste and familiar flavor again. Naturally that box ran out so I took a trip to the store and noticed this new box touting the “improved flavor” so I figured that sounds good to me! What happened here? I could immediately see the difference in that the combs are “glazed” looking now instead of their typical “dry” look but I was not prepared for how awful this new flavor would taste, especially when compared to the original standard. I will not be purchasing anymore of this “new” HoneyComb cereal, I sincerely hope they realize their mistake and go back to their tried and true original recipe that has been a hallmark of cereals.

  53. The new Honeycomb tastes like tasty-o’s with a shiny sugar coating. Like whatever the stores generic version of Honeycomb would be… cheap and cardboardy and flavorless. SO disappointing!

  54. I was very disappointed in the new recipe . What was wrong with the old recipe? All I know is if I can even finish this box I just bought, it will be my last with this new recipe. Who approved this mess? Post missed the mark on this one.

  55. Just AWFUL!!!
    Will never buy another buy another box. Why change it????
    They are ruined!
    No flavor!!
    Bring the old ones back!!!!

  56. I didn’t like the new taste from the first bite. I had some cereal left from the old kind and I could really taste the difference. Maybe I’m just set in my ways. I will not be buying Honey Combs again until they go back to the old formula.

  57. I thought it was because I had drank some cider beer, that perhaps my tastebuds had gone all crazy but ewh. Disgusting!! Total waste,

  58. My sentiments exactly! Until Post snaps out of their delusional state of mind we’re just gonna have to stock up from any other local stores that have the original and if you believe in shopping online there are several sellers selling the original:

    So, hope is not lost yet…well at least not until all the original is bought. Not looking forward to that day that’s why I’m stocking up big time.

  59. Please bring back the original Honeycomb Cereal. This has always been one of my favorites. This new recipe leaves a nasty after taste. I thought my milk was bad- new milk with second bowl same disappointment.

  60. I bought the new Honeycomb yesterday, and after eating one bowl, I went back out to the store and bought another box just so I could throw it in the garbage TWICE!

  61. This is my toddler’s favorite dry cereal and my favorite of all time. I DO NOT LIKE the new recipe and because my son eats it without milk I know that he will voice his complaints. Big disappointment for me. 🙁

  62. This new stuff is horrible. It is so sharp it cuts my gums. As long as it remains this way, I will not be buying another box.

  63. The new honeycomb is so awful. Thank you for posting this review. It has a stale texture to it and the flavor is just nasty. I don’t understand why post would ruin a great cereal.

  64. I’ve been buying Honeycomb cereal for over 20 years. I have no idea if they’ve changed the recipe over those years but I can say I never noticed the change if they had. I didn’t even know they had changed the formula until I opened this new box and had a bowl for breakfast. I ate two bites and then looked at the new box and actually read this ‘bigger flavor’ blurb at the top and thats when I realized they had hired the guys who did the ‘New Coke’ formula back in the 80s and had them work their ‘magic’ on Honeycomb. Even my 7 year old son asked me what was wrong with the box. This WAS my all-time fav cereal, and I’m not sure why they made this change, and why it tastes so awful. I’m trying to think go a more botched recipe change than this, and only the New Coke comes to mind. Anyway, I won’t buy another box of this, and will try to take this open box back. Post please bring back the previous formula – this was not a good decision.

  65. I guess I will not be buying Honeycombs anymore.They taste horrible now.Why change something when it was good? I also have been eating them since I was a child. Soooooooo disappointed!!!!!

  66. Thanks for this website. I was super dissatisfied with the new honeycombs. I got on the Post website link that you left and sent them my opinion. Hopefully something will get done and we can get the old recipe back!!

  67. I wish I had known about the change, I would have stocked up. This new stuff is just disgusting. Doesn’t Post have taste testers? Oh and my gums are shredded! Maybe the prize in the box could be some ointment for your gums! I wrote a spicy email to Post regarding their “improvements”. I told them they messed up. Everyone should email Post and express their outrage.

  68. I love honeycomb, i seriously eat it every day.. the newest box i got i noticed was different. Completely disappointed with it.. gets soggy quick and i just really don’t like the flavor much. Hoping i can find some of the “old” kind.. but after they are all gone i will probably be looking for a new favorite cereal. 🙁

  69. I unwittingly bought a box of the new and improved Honeycomb cereal this past weekend. I was not aware that they had messed with the formula, thus I was unprepared for what was to come. I poured myself a huge bowl and was so looking forward to the satisfying crunch and unique flavor I’ve enjoyed for nearly my entire 52 years on the planet. From the very first spoonful I knew something was not right. I examined the box, nope, not expired (April 2018). No holes in the bag for it to go stale. No “gluten free” warning on the front…I forced myself to finish the bowl (not enjoying it in the slightest) because I hate to waste food, but I refuse to eat any more from THAT box of “Honeycomb”. I immediately sat down and wrote an email to Post Consumer Products to register my distaste for this disgusting box of crap masquerading as my beloved Honeycomb cereal. They wrote me back today saying the formula had recently been changed (adjusted for the tasting impaired, I presume) and that I could probably find some of the old formula still on the shelves because they have a 1 year shelf life…if I was lucky. I’m traumatized by this experience and the last thing I want to do is buy another box of Honeycomb now, ever again.

  70. I bought 3 boxes of this “new” Honeycomb. Yuk!! Flavorless mushy cardboard! I threw one whole box in the garbage, along with the bowl Of it that I had tried to eat. Hopefully I can return the other 2 boxes. They should of left well enough, alone! I’ll never buy it again, Unlthey change it back!

  71. I totally agree wit the rest of you here, they really have destroyed a cereal I once really enjoyed. Now it just tastes horrible.

    I have noticed lately that many companies are changing their recipes for the worse. One such company (Christie) who makes Ritz crackers has changed their recipe that the crackers just taste horrible, hard, and over-backed.

    Really sad they are listening too their accountants instead of doing what is right. Oh well, I will no longer buy Honeycomb, nor the Ritz crackers.

  72. I thought I had bought a bad box of cereal until I learned they had changed it. I couldn’t even make myself eat the new kind. It’s disgusting. My fiance found some “original honeycoms” left at a dollar general store, which he bought. But I will never buy the new kind again. Hopefully they’ll be smart and change it back.

  73. This new texture is sad wrong and the flavor… gone.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d guess these were a cheap knock-off imitation. The texture is missing the oatiness I think, which also corrupts the flavor. The frosting of the past is now more of a glaze and the size has shriveled. Please return to the authentic tried and true HoneyCombs so many generations have appreciated.

  74. 5mos pregnant & I was craving Honey Comb, 1 of my favorite cereals. So disappointed!!! POST PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK! Immediately noticed the texture & taste was horrible. I threw my bowl in the sink after 3 spoon fulls.

  75. I agree with all the negative responses. The new Honeycomb cereal is awful! I used to look forward to my evening Honeycomb snack, but not anymore. I had to move on to another one of my favourite cereals, which is made by Kellogs and the flavour has not changed. This new Honeycomb cereal is not a good representation of Post cereals.

  76. Really! I have not eaten Honeycomb cereal in about a year. I was so excited when I bought a box today and couldn’t even wait until the morning to pour myself a bowl. What a surprise and a big disappointment! IT TASTE LIKE CARDBOARD! PHOOEY! Taking it back for a refund.

  77. The new “improved” Honeycomb cereal just plain sucks.

    Even the texture is unpleasant, the old formula had a great taste with a texture that I loved.

    I’d love to say nostalgia is playing a role here, but that’s definitely not the case when it comes to me not liking this “new bigger flavor”.

  78. Wow! This new Honey Comb is terrible. I saw the new packaging and just thought it wouldn’t be any different. I’ve been eating honey comb for years. Not any more. This is horrible.

  79. I so agree with all the negative responses here! The new taste and texture are horrible, tasteless. But I am furious with Post because along with this change, the cereal went from GLUTEN FREE to containing WHEAT. This has been my favorite cereal since childhood (the 60s). When I was informed by my doctor I had to go gluten free 5 years ago I gave up Honeycomb, ASSUMING it had wheat. Silly me didn’t read the label. About 1.5 years into my new gluten free lifestyle my husband brought Honeycomb home to me. He pointed to the side of the box, and there at the bottom of the ingredient list it said GLUTEN FREE. I was thrilled and have been enjoying my Honeycomb multiple times a week.

    Now it says ‘contains wheat’. I am very glad it tasted bad and had an unpleasant texture. I too threw mine down the sink after only a few bites. I fortunately don’t have Celiacs Disease, just a high intolerance. But what about those people, those KIDS that DO and have been enjoying Honeycomb? SHAME ON YOU POST!!! BRING BACK OUR HONEYCOMB.

    • (I should add I started the eat my Honeycomb as per my normal routine, not bothering to read the label – until AFTER I had some and noted how awful it was. This made me think, ‘what did they do to it?’ so I read the ingredients and THEN saw the ‘contains wheat’. I know I am not the only person who eats this cereal relying on it being Gluten Free (why wouldn’t it be, it has been for YEARS) who will pour a bowl of this new awful cereal and eat it. Hopefully they won’t eat enough to get sick. Just a bite or two could be detrimental for some.

      • Okay, slight correction… I am not celiacs, so I can deal with cross contamination. The old box said, “manufactured on equipment that processes wheat.” So fortunately, that means those with Celiacs are not eating this. WHEW!!!

  80. Honeycomb has been one of my cereal staples since I was a kid — a LONG time ago. The other night I purchased 2 boxes of the “new and improved” Honeycomb, and to say I was disappointed is an understatement! It was so bad that at first I thought maybe it had expired, but that wasn’t the case. It tastes just plain awful! I took both boxes back the next day, and won’t return to Honeycomb. There are too many other non-“new and improved” cereals that I still like to waste time with this miss.

  81. The new “big flavor” is equivalent to the big flavor of cardboard. The texture is disgusting now as well.

    I switched over to Honeycomb a couple years ago because it didn’t have the gritty cereal bits leftover in the last couple of swallows of milk like Froot Loops and Apple Jacks now feature. (Both of which were my childhood favorites that I had to stop buying as well.) Well, now Honeycomb has it too. Which is absolutely awful on top of the horrible texture and flavor.

    Oh well. Maybe my dog will like the new Honeycomb cereal.

  82. I’m pregnant with twins and all I wanted was Honeycomb. One bite and new it had been changed (thought they just changed the box).

    It SUCKS! Change it BACK! Never buying again unless its changed

  83. This stuff sucks. It’s another cereal that’s unfortunately changed since the late 90s. Even the previous version wasn’t the same as the stuff I had as a kid, but it was much better than this stuff. Ugh.

  84. I hate it so much, I didn’t realize it even change until my first few mouth fulls, I was like this doesn’t taste like honeycomb , so disappointed, won’t be buying this anymore unless they go back.

  85. I bought my wife 2 boxes of the new stuff. Honeycomb being one of her pregnant cravings. She said it tasted like Cheerios made of cardboard. I tried a bite and totally agreed with her. It’s horrible!

  86. What happened to Post Honeycomb cereal?
    They now have a shiny glaze over them, tasteless, and kinda sticky. 😥
    My 4 year old son has Autism & food allergies. Honeycombs were on his list of 10 foods he would actually eat… he won’t even put them in his mouth.
    SO GROSS!!!!

  87. I’m prettty bummed. Honeycomb was one of my top 3 favorite cereals and I didn’t know about the recipe change, just thought the box design was changed. I absolutely hate the new taste. Blech! Tossed it down the garbage disposal. My kids can’t stand it either. I will never buy another box of Honeycomb again if it stays this way. Big mistake Post!

  88. Cereal is my fave snack, poured a bowl of Honeycomb and noticed it was more yellow and plastic looking, tasted it, yuck, booooo, wtf!! Why would they change it so drastically into this bland crud? I’ve loved this cereal for over 40 yrs, it’s my comfort snack. major disappointment. I won’t buy this garbage again! Dumb dumb dumb decision.

  89. It’s disgusting, tastes like cardboard and chemicals! Bring back the original haven’t these companies learned from Coke!

  90. Honeycomb cereal has been a staple in my home for years now…that is until now. The new improved version is a complete failure in my home. All 3 of my kids took o e bite and spit it out asking what cereal had I given them. Please please bring back the original honeycomb recipe….my kids are missing their favorite cereal.

  91. 1-800-431-POST(7678) Hello CEO and Managers at Post. New Honeycomb has terrible taste,texture (like eating Styrofoam with sugarcoating). Please someone post online somewhere soon to let us know when the original Honeycomb is for sell again. Please no one buy any more of the New Honeycomb cereal. Maybe the will have to go back to the original recipe, now called “ORIGINAL CLASSIC AWESOME HAVE A GREAT DAY HONEYCOMB”. Thank you Post Management for responding to the consumers. Have a great day!………….starting after you change back to original Honeycomb

  92. Nasty no good ur gonna lose all your customers the new flavor is just terrible I will not purchase anymore until you change it back a once lifetime customer not no more CHANGE IT BACK !!!!

  93. The new honeycomb cereal is a tastes like s-it!what would poses a company like post cereal to take its flagship cereal that everybody loved,and turn it into a flavorless hot mess.?..

  94. Might as well add my 2 cents. We must’ve been blessed not to have this “new” version in our stores until recently. Just got a box without realizing they had changed it. Could’ve sworn I was eating styrofoam. Completely tasteless, terrible texture. Might as well be called styrofoam combs. No trace of honey anywhere.

    Who at Post tasted this stuff and thought, “hmm, they’ll love this grainy, tasteless junk?!”

    Good to know every other person who had the misfortune of eating this sorry excuse for cereal feels the same. Take note Post.

  95. I don’t like the new honeycomb cereal and it’s so terrible. I prefer the original honeycomb and bring it back please. Let me know when it come back very soon I hope so.

  96. I guess Post can no longer afford a taste-tester on their staff, even though they charged me $3.98 at my local grocery store for a box of this barely-sweetened cardboard. I think they ground up the old boxes, added a teeny bit of sugar, ZERO honey, and sold it to all us suckers. Goodbye to the yummy cereal I grew up eating; never again will I waste my money unless Post brings back the old recipe.

  97. I forgot to mention the color of the cereal is also “off”. My children noticed right away that it was not only a different taste and texture but color as well. You can’t fool kids!! Mine will never eat this again unless it is returned to it’s previous taste, texture and color..

  98. You all couldn’t of hit the nail on the head any harder. I have never had a box of honeycombs sit on my shelf longer than a few days, this shit has been sitting there since I bought it over a month ago. I can’t believe I havnt tossed it yet. Honeycombs were my favorite cereal since childhood. At least 30 years and they blew it up a instance. Please bring back my perfect in a box.

  99. I am so diassappointed that they changed the Formula!! Its absolutely disgusting. I hope Post reads these comments and brings back the original!! Leave well enough alone Post Execs!!

  100. Try Honey Buzzers 33 ounce bag $4.99 Tastes pretty close to it till the original comes back out. Wise up Post management. Your consumers have spoken. If there is a list of people who like the New Honeycomb their managers should post it online. Zero oh yeah!

  101. New Honeycomb cereal is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lifelong Favourite…RUINED!!!!! 🙁 🙁

  102. This New Honey Comb Cereal Is Nasty. Its Very Disappointing. Me and my mom went to the store one day and she picked up a box and were thinking oh they just you know up graded the box to make it look better from the old version. And me and my mom we both LOVE honey comb . i was the first to open the box and taste it and i was so pissed. It literally was the worst cereal I’ve ever eatin. I knew from that point on that my family would NEVER pick up a box of honey combs again UNTIL the original box comes back. Their gonna loose alot of money from it cus i guarantee you ppl won’t buy them. The worst thing they could HAVE EVER done. We want the old cereal back. Do BETTER!!!!! 💯💯💯💪💪💪😩😩😩

  103. New Honeycomb……. yuck!!!
    I had to look at the box again thought I bought a knockoff
    Please bring back the old original recipe

  104. Yes I to do not like new Honeycombs. If I wanted corn pops I would have bought them. Bring back old taste of Honeycombs and mark them as original. Won’t be buying Honeycombs until You bring back originals

  105. Went to my local grocery store this morning to pick up a box of Honeycomb for breakfast. At first I couldn’t find it (looking for the familiar packaging) then realized the packaging had been changed. I actually thought, looking at the box, that it was a privately labeled store brand. I thought I’d won the lottery when I saw the promotional price, $1.49 per box (if you bought three boxes). Yes, I was suckered in. After I got home and poured myself a bowl, I saw on the package the formula/recipe had been changed. I was expecting a good change but after my first bowl, I have to say it will be my last. I’m 60 years old and have been eating Honeycomb for over 50 years, since the in-box give aways were small metal license plates from one of the 50 states(anybody remember that). As a brand strategist and marketing consultant by trade, I have to believe consumer research was not conducted on the new product or Post chose to disregard it, based on the responses here. My guess is the new recipe might have saved Post five cents per box. Maybe… but it will cost Post a whole lot more than that in lost sales. if Post wants to save this brand, they had better return to the old formula ASAP. It’s still not too late to admit your mistake Post.

  106. To all grocery stockers. Please store all boxes of New Honeycomb in that open top storage container behind your store. All original Honeycomb lovers will greatly appreciate you. Please, Please, Mr. Post Man(ager). Bring back our Old School Honeycomb.

  107. Another disappointed customer. After almost getting Honeycomb back to how it was before they changed it the first time, I was rightfully concerned when I saw the box with the ‘now with bigger flavor’ caption. It is awful! Like others have said, it has a stirafoam texture and the flavor is just not the same. I will not be buying this version again, ever. (Hey Randy, I also remember the metal license plates. Wish I had saved them. Thanks for that awesome memory. 🤗)

  108. I’ve been dieting for several months and met my target goals. As a treat I immediately craved two of my favorite cereals. Honeycomb being one of them. A box never lasts long. Between bowls of it and then dry as a snack it goes quick. As soon as i poured a bowl something didn’t seem right. They looked sparkly but my brain blocked it out and i sat down. Then after chewing and swallowing the first bite i realized the nastiness. I’m 50 and have enjoyed Honeycomb for many many many years. But no more. Thankfully there are a lot of other fun flavors, but i will miss my favorite. Hard to believe that its gone. If this is a temporary goof to get us old timers riled up, you succeeded. If this is permanent, then i truly am sad.

  109. I just bought a box of the new “Big Honey” flavored honey combs! I like having a bowl of cereal occasionally in the evenings, normally when I get a bowl I would pour enough milk in it to have more after my first. This time however I felt like I wasted my milk! It had me a little concerned when I noticed how shiny it was, it looks fake or like something I probably shouldn’t consume! I ate a half of one bowl of this sad cereal and threw the box away after! Not everything needs an upgrade. This was one of the few cereals I could eat with or without milk, but now I will NEVER buy this mess again! I loved the old recipe, this sucks change it back before you lose too much money!

  110. My wife and I LOVED the older version, its so funny to see the responses of people that did the exact same thing I did. first I thought the new box was some generic version, then got home and tasted this “new” bolder flavor version and almost spit it out immediately. I just ate a bowl this morning because i don’t like to waste food, but it was a force feed. My wife has been complaining and SEARCHING for the old version, to no avail. the R&D team should be fired for this atrocity! #bringbacktheoldversion #posthasruinedbreakfast #boycotthoneycomb

  111. I haven’t had honey comb in months. I walked by it at the grocery store and started craving those perfectly sweet little comb shaped goodness. To my disappointment upon opening the bad I immediately noticed it looked different, shiny like plastic. It’s all covered in some sugary glaze. And the texture it’s off, almost like a crunchy foam. Definitely not impressed and won’t be eating honey comb unless it’s the original! Big taste.. more like big waste

  112. Tried the new honeycomb it was nasty I am very disappointed in the new honeycomb cereal I have always loved honeycomb and have ate it all my life I will not buy anymore until we have the original back

  113. The new Honeycomb is nothing but DISCUSTING 🤢
    Very very disappointed in Post for thinking people will like eating this tasteless crunchy foam. Bringing it back to the store. Hope they bring back my favorite original cereal. 👍🏼

  114. I actually had to go leave a review on Post’s website. I’ve never in my life left a review on a company brand’s website (only on places like Amazon), but I felt compelled to let them know how bad this new recipe is. I know it doesn’t matter because it’s clearly been months that they’ve had this new recipe out and they’re obviously not deshelving it, but I hope I’m just one voice of many. I genuinely hope a TON of complaints have rolled in on them.

    I’m so thankful this comment section existed, though. I really believed I was going crazy when I took the first few bites of this “new” recipe. I kept thinking my tastebuds must’ve changed or something. Then I googled, “Have Honeycombs changed their recipe?” and this was the first link to pop up. I wasn’t disappointed.

  115. Absolute garbage!! Another corporate greed management decision to make it cheaper for higher profit and personal bonus. If I wanted glazed tree pulp I would make it myself. The manager that made the decision on this should be toasted, glazed, and out of a job!
    I’m just sorry they got so many of our loyalty dollars. There will certainly be no more. I feel sorry for all the employees that will eventually be out of work through no fault of their own.

  116. The availability of good tasting food is too important to not complain about this new Honeycomb cereal. Whomever was involved in this change decision should be fired. The product was drastically changed and it tastes awful.

  117. I agree, I took one bite and noticed the difference, and said, why do food companies always have to mess with a good thing?! I won’t buy this “now crappy flavored, crappy textured” cereal anymore unless they change it back to the way it was before.

  118. Has anyone else noticed that you used to get “25%” daily value of most vitamins from the old recipe bit the new one has “0%”. Honeycomb is the only thing I can keep down for breakfast and the only thing that keeps me going until lunch. As a nure, that’s important to me. I went to a cheap old unpopular grocery store & bought every box of the old recipe they had left. I will switch to malt-o-meal; the closest competitor.

  119. Preaching to the choir here… but GROSS!! Hubby came back from the store surprising me with my beloved Honeycomb cereal. Poured a bowl and instantly thought “that is a really weird colour… is it bad?” Saw the box claimed “bigger honey” (whatever that means). Now I am force feeding myself a bowl of this garbage. Yuck!

  120. Nice to know I’m not the only one who feels betrayed and bewildered by the new flavoring. They look like uncooked pasta now. No more fluffy nuggets. The shiny coating is terrible. Also, when did the box start saying “Genetically Modified”? Corn Syrup!! I returned mine after half a bowl, and I used to eat a box in a day once in a blue moon. Return the product, that should get the attention of the manufactorer. I’ve been eating this cereal since the Seventies. Sad it no longer tastes anything like the original.

  121. Why did you change the Honeycombs cereal?
    The new version is absolutely horrible… I’ve been eating this cereal since I was a kid. I bought a new box of the cereal and I threw it in the trash after I tried it. I hope and pray you bring back the old honeycombs cause I will never by that cereal again. My family we used to buy 2 boxes of Honeycombs and 2 boxes of Cocoa Pebbles a week. We will not buy another Post product again as long as the crap tasting Honeycombs are still made.


    Dan Kruse ( A loyal Post cereal consumer )

  122. My dog recently got fixed and wouldn’t stop messing with his stitches. We tried the cone, and even this cream stuff you put on that tastes/smells awful. Nothing worked until Post changed their Honeycombs recipe. Not even the dog would go near those styrofoam monstrosities. Change it back!

  123. I’m literally in a state of despair. I feel like my best friend of 31 years has now been replaced by a cheap imitation. Why Post Why?!?!? I have eaten an average of 3-5 bowls/week of this delicious concoction. If I wanted Passover cereal then I’d wait till April and stock up. Very sad day, very sad…

  124. I agree! New honeycomb is awful! I bought a box the other day, and as soon as I poured it, it looked different. It was more… Neon. And the texture is just horrendous. I can’t even finish this box. I won’t bring it back cos it’s just a few bucks, but I will never buy Honeycomb again unless it switches pack. Gross. I was pissed off too because I was so stoked for that late night bowl of Honeycomb. I hate how they play it off as “Now bigger honey taste!” it should say “New cost cutting recipe that tastes like animal feed!”

    Everyone go to the post Canada website and send em your comments.

  125. The fact that this reviewer would give the new Honeycombs 6 out of 10 completely destroys their credibility as a cereal aficionado. Whether by itself or in comparison, this new version is a terrible eat.

  126. Well there is a problem or I would be looking for this web site ! Wonder if I will hear the add saying that they have gone back to the old Honeycomb because till then NO honeycomb for me !!!

  127. The new cereal is simply disgusting. It is too sweet and tastes artificial. I’m so upset because this was my go-to dry cereal/snack. I don’t know where to find boxes of the original and I hope Post reads this and goes back to the old, authentic flavor. Gross is all that I can say about this “new” formula.

  128. I am so happy everyone on here hates this new flavor. Call POST 1-800-431-POST and complain. I’ve been eating this cereal my entire life. I have one box of the original and I’m scared eat it HAHAHA!

    Totally sucks:(

  129. Taste like a cheap knock off type cereal. Used to love the crunch of the old Honeycombs. Do not like the new one at all. Bring back the old recipe.

  130. Its the WORST!!!~! Went to a small Portuguese super market and they had the original one and I bought all 10 boxes that were left- expiration 3/18

  131. If you check the ingredients you will notice that it is now made with corn flour instead of oat flour. If I wanted Cornflakes, I’d buy Cornflakes. Oh well, at least Cherrios are still made with oats

  132. I agree with all of you the new honeycombs are disgusting they taste like wet chalk in your mouth. Honeycombs were my favourite thing when I came to Canada it always got me excited but now I see it on the shelf and I gag. About a week ago I went to the co-op and found an original box of honeycombs.i It was the last on the shelf and thank god it was family size! It was $10 but I didn’t care all I wanted was an original box of honeycombs. This box was probably the last box on EARTH and I was very very happy that I found it I REALLY HOPE THEY CHANGE IT TO THE OLD RECIPE!!!

  133. Just tried it today for the first time. I am very disappointed. I had a hard time detecting the honeycomb taste. It simply had no taste. I like that they have made the cereal crunchy, but crunch cannot be made at the expense of taste. I was nor aware that they made this change. I ate the cereal today for the first time in a long time and immediately noticed it wad off so I went online to see if something was changed, which brought me to this blog. Anyway, Post needs to rethink this. I am not looking to eat cardboard.

  134. Anyone else feel like they’re chewing on a wet sponge? YUCK! The new honeycomb cereal is so nasty! This has been my favorite cereal for years I’m so sad 🙁

  135. New honeycombs are not good at all. I doubt birds would eat them either so dont throw them away in the garbage throw them and the box into a campfire and leave the area until the chemicals have died down and you and the kids can breathe again. Bring back the true Honeycombs.

  136. Yuck. Hate the taste. Hate the color, look like they are died yellow.

    Whoever approved this change has NO TASTEBUDS. I am returning my box to the store.

  137. I couldn’t even finish my first bowl. Not only does it taste bad (with and without milk) but it felt like I was biting into a sugar cube, gross.


    Incredibly disappointed in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  138. I won’t be buying Honeycomb again. The new taste is terrible. I will be trowing out the rest of the box. Did they even taste test this product? I hope they go back to the old formula.

  139. Hate the new version. Why change a winning one with that awful taste colour texture. No more for me. My kids left their bowl there. I used to buy 3 boxed a week. NO MORE

  140. I wouldn’t call this honeycomb cereal. Takes like aweful knockoff cereal now. Totally ruined my bowl of cereal. Warning to those that haven’t tried, don’t do it!!!! Don’t believe someone that says this is good. Just eww-ful!!!! Please bring back the old cereal.

  141. I finally called Post Cereal 1(800)431-7678 to express my opinion on New Honeycomb cereal. Please call also because that may be our only chance for them to change it. This is a good way to express our opinion but hopefully calling will add us to a list at Post that might help the process. Please call the number open only on weekdays. Thank you.

  142. The new Honey Comb cereal is not appetizing at all. I just don’t understand why you all would change the formula and to change it like this. The old formula was perfect. Please, please bring it back!!!

  143. Bring back the original formula. Coke was big enough to admit they made a mistake in the 80’s and went back to the original formula. It was able to recover it’s not to late for Honeycomb

  144. Entertaining review…

    I’m just going to say that I’m glad it wasn’t just me on this different cereal that should not be shaped like ot called Honeycomb.

    Darn art students, things are successful for a reason.

  145. My 13 year old just told me to please not buy Honeycomb anymore, he said the new stuff tastes disgusting. I was searching for recipes to use it up when i stumbled across this review. I’m surprised it’s not just him or a bad box!! Why do people change what isn’t broke!?!?!?!

  146. I just tried the new one and also think it is really bad. Most importantly I want it to last in the milk and the new one melts very quickly.
    Did anybody notice the nutritional information. The old one had %25 daily values in almost everything, the new one has almost nothing. You are practically eating paper.
    Does anybody have an alternative to Honeycomb. I think the best tasting alternative is honeynut cherios but they are small and also melt very quickly.

  147. oh my god, I’m not crazy. I knew it had a weird texture and taste. I hated the last box I bought, won’t be getting it again.

    • So disappointed in the “new” taste. I loved the old Honeycomb!! I used to snack on it – won’t be buying again unless you change it back!!

  148. I hadn’t realized they’d made a change. Bought a box yesterday and poured myself a bowl this AM. Took 2-3 bites and threw the rest of the bowl out. It was sooo AWFUL!! The flavor was so blah and why is there a shine to the cereal now? My son tried it too and refused to eat it. Will not be buying Honeycomb again until it changes back. Sent an email off to Post this afternoon voicing my complaints. Hope it makes a difference!

  149. The new honeycomb is disgusting. Why do they keep jacking with cereals that have sold so well for so long??? My guess is, they are constantly looking for ways to make their cereals with less cost. Over the years, they have ruined Golden Crisp and Trix. Now they have ruined Honeycomb. I took my two “new” boxes back to the store. I have been stopping in stores as I pass them looking for any “old” boxes I can get my hands on. It will be the last Honeycomb I ever eat. Done with the new nasty, cheap recipe.

  150. The blogger who wrote this is either lying or on the Post payroll. Honeycomb is no longer honeycomb. No kidding, it tastes like some bad chemical composition, kind of like eating elmers glue as a child. Wow!

  151. This article is from May 2017? I just bought Honeycomb for the first time in a long time and it’s October. How the hell did it last on the shelves this long? This stuff is completely terrible.

  152. I’ve been eating Honeycombs for years… Tried the new version and I have to agree… It’s terrible. Perhaps the manufacturer might approach NASA with this new version. Might be a better use for replacing the heat tiles on the Space Shuttle.

    Just because someone says it’s “better” or “New and improved flavor” doesn’t mean it is. It’s terrible across the board.

  153. These new versions are just horrible. They used to be one of the few sugary-type cereals I really enjoyed. Now they feel like all those cheap “imitation” cereals that tast like sugar-frosted cardboard. No, forget what I said, they taste even WORSE than those.

    I understand that companies try to reduce their costs, but when the result ends up alienating the customers, thus driving sales aways, that is profoundly stupid.

    Those who made the decision to change that recipe should be fired.

    I’m sure not buying Honeycombs or Alphabits again.

  154. Like all of the other reviews, I think this new HONEYCOMB cereal is DISGUSTING! Totally different flavor from the original. I literally could not finish the bowl. I further threw out the entire box of cereal (and I don’t have money to waste)! Even the box is ugly! I hope people boycott this new cereal. It’s NASTY!!!

  155. I just ate three spoonfuls of the new Honeycomb cereal. What a disappointment!! Taste’s like some executive made a decision that the company could make so much more money if they just changed the recipe. I will never buy Honeycomb again unless they change the recipe back. I can’t believe anyone would think that this change was a good idea. The taste is horrible.

  156. You all need to send your thoughts to Post Customer Service. I did and received a response from the company, saying the change is not etched in stone. However, I won’t buy Honeycombs unless they revert to the old recipe. This new one is disgusting. Congratulations Post, you have your New Coke moment.

  157. Just bought a box yesterday, haven’t had Honeycomb in a while so I thought why not, it’s a teat…It said “Now with bigger honey taste” on the box but I didn’t think anything of it other than new box advertising…soooo I got home cracked it open and had a bowl, verdict…. flavourless garbage!!!! pale yellow corn crap with no flavour, “bigger honey taste” ummm lol! I don’t think so!!… more like,” now with styrofoam bland taste” they took everything that makes Honeycomb awesome AWAY!!!….it pisses me off when companies decide to change a product and tell everyone that they market tested it and “everyone” liked it??? who are your testers?? robots??? and what kind of tests do you do??? because everyone and everywhere I’ve read all hate the Honeycomb change…the only reason for the change that I can see is to save $$$$… Corn is cheaper to produce and we all know corporations LOVE to save money, produce a new Inferior product but still charge you the same price…

  158. Do NOT like the new Honeycomb, totally gross. Definitely liked the old recipe much better. I will not be buying anymore unless this “new” flavor goes away. Waste of my money.

  159. I was very disappointed in the new flavor, bring back the old recipe, until then I will not purchase it again.
    If its not broke…dont fix it!!!

  160. What were you idiots thinking? I’m starting to think Post have outsourced everything to China. This would explain the subtle hints and overtones of plastic and cardboard, much like eating Ramen noodles. If NERF was to introduce a new cereal product, this would be its unicorn. The shape (if you want to call it a shape) doesn’t even resemble a honeycomb at all. I feel so sorry for you guys who actually think this is new and improved. The worst MRE’s in the Army taste better than this crap.

  161. Haven’t had my favorite fan Honeycomb cereal in a while so I decided to go buy a box. Normally there’s rarely any in the store but the store was filled with them so I figured maybe they just restocked and so I decided to get a box ignoring the big and better taste labeled on the box. I thought it was just a new advertisement. Got home popped the box open and literally I had my mouth watery for these. They are so freaking DISGUSTING!!! I mean I don’t know why they changed the recipe but they tasted like cardboard and styrofoam cereal just with honey added. I thought I picked up a bad brand but realized they weren’t expired. The next day I told myself maybe it was just me and that maybe I didn’t let them swim in the milk long enough. Boy when I tell you that made it even worst like wet cardboard crunching in my mouth. I had to throw the whole new box in the trash. Just down right NASTY!!! No more Honeycomb for me…

  162. Absolute garbage! And what a way to go about it! I was unaware of the new recipe myself when I picked up the box brought it home single dad of two autistic boys was go to snack food was Honeycombs original. Needless to say they hate these ones and they gave dad a death stare spitting it out like it’s poison or something LOL why guys? Why try to fix something that ain’t broken? And then another note I see tons and tons of negative reviews this has to be a affecting their sales? Or are they that much cheaper to make that they can afford to sell less and make the same? Whatever it isno more Honeycombs in this house

  163. Where do I even begin…(long sigh). I totally agree. So, my roommate texted me about an hour ago saying, “Hey what kind of cereal do you want?
    Me: Special K, Kix, Apple Jacks, “Honeycomb”, Cracklin Oat Bran, Cocoa Puffs (I know all over the place right…lol).
    Her: Ok cool.
    She comes home and I can’t wait to eat cereal! For some reason I wanted Honeycomb a few days ago but didn’t buy it. SO when I saw that’s what she had I was like, YEEEES! I noticed something odd about the box that I hadn’t the day I was going to buy it. WTH…why does the cereal look GLAZED OVER!!! Naaaaaaaw something IS NOT RIGHT! This Does NOT Look Like MY Honeycomb I know (shaking my head). They’ve put some ju-ju mess on my hives ;-/!

    Side eyeing the box, I go to pour a bowl. The cereal was so SHINEY. I told my roommate, Why isn’t the honeycomb dull looking…what is going on? She just looked at like, “IDK.”

    Going in for the kill…I took a bite and my face was IMMEDIATELY DISGUSTED!!!!!!! WHY? WHY? WHY are you messing with the cereal? It was never broke in the first place. It’s going STRAIGHT BACK TO KROGER TOMORROW MORNING!

    Side Note: Post Cereal I can’t believe you did that. COME ON, change it back. I will not be purchasing. I’ve eaten (as many of us on this post have) since we were kids. I do not believe sales will be sky rocketing anytime soon due to your irrational change. Sorry but its NO for me!!! Go back your ORIGINAL Recipe because I see revenues decreasing, lol.

  164. Taste like generic cereal now. Whomever changed the HoneyComb Formula at Post should be fired immediately from the company because he/she is an idiot.

  165. Few months ago I bought a box of Honeycomb and thought it was from a bad batch. Bought another – still bad. Husband bought one and I let family know not to buy more as Honeycombs was now garbage. I agree with above, the people who recommended the changes should be fired.

  166. Very big Disappointment I ate one bowl and Took the cereal back to the store for a full refund I could only hope you bring back the original I will not be buying till then if not That is ok their are a lot of other brands. I buy from Kelloggs I love as well Good luck with this New product

  167. I was craving my childhood favorite not knowing there is an issue. This is not a Honey comb! The texture is different and the taste can’t be described. I ate one bowel and it cut the roof of my mouth. I will be asking for a refund. So ooooo disappointed

  168. Thanks for writing the review and giving everyone a chance to post their opinion.

    It was way difficult finding the honey comb box in the store because they changed the box design. Almost gave up thinking the market didn’t sell it.

    When I poured the cereal into the bowl I noticed immediately a difference. They appeared smaller. Then when I tried them….yikes….someone said they almost cut the roof of their mouth off. Totally agree with that. Too hard and crunchy. Not the soft and puffy texture they had before. And the taste is totally different. Nothing like I recall.

    I hope they go back to the original recipe for I won’t buy another box and will be asking them for a refund.

  169. I am so ver disappointed about the change in my favorite cereal! Not only did I eat it as cereal with milk, I also ate it as a snack-a lot When I tried the new kind it was so different it should have been a whole new kind of product. Why was there a change to an already good thing anyway. I really do hope it gets changed back. I just can’t even eat it. I threw mine away. I still miss it

  170. Honeycomb tastes like plastic now!!!! Why would they change it? Kids hate it now. It’s beyond gross and too expensive. Even Coke only made that mistake once and fixed it. Horrible cereal-shame on you for changing it.

  171. Just got off the phone with Post. They said they are going back to the original formula which should hit the stores this April. The texture/chew is what grossed me out.

  172. Why do these people keep messing up classic cereals? This new Honey Comb is horrible … nobody is going to buy this cereal to be healthy … the taste is terrible and the texture is really bad … leave this stuff alone and keep it as it has always been … they’ve tried to change Honey Comb twice (that I’ve noticed) and both times they just simply ruined it … do they even taste test this stuff? I can’t imagine ANYONE liking this better than the original recipe … I guess this is another “classic” that I’ll have to write off and move on … sad, just sad


  174. I really can’t understand why they would change a classic. It’s terrible. Even my kids won’t eat them. Why would they think those of us who grew up loving these would ever be happy with the change. I will NEVER buy them again. And I cry a tear over the loss. they were my favorite. 🙁

  175. I can’t believe they changed honeycombs this shiny plastic bland mess…I loved honey combs to please bring my baby’s back… I need them their the only kind I eat and since they changed it to this I’ve had to turn to Frosted Flakes… Please please please

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