Review: New and Improved Alpha-Bits Cereal

Post New and Improved Alpha-Bits Cereal Box Review

The year is 20xx. Innovation is dead. No new cereals are ever released. Instead, every old brand keeps releasing “New and Improved” versions that buff their old selves with unnecessary flavor and cosmetic improvements.

Froot Loops now contains “100% more Froot Jooce” and comes in colors only visible to the hyper-photoreceptive mantis shrimp. Waffle Crisp is now just a box full of freeze-dried Belgian waffles—and the bag is made of intelligent, gelatinous maple syrup that can gain sentience when stored in certain climates. Cinnamon Toast Crunch just contains packets of wheat seeds, yeast, and cinnamon, with instructions for growing, harvesting, and baking your own miniature cinnamon toast.

As for Alpha-Bits? They now contain the letters of every alphabet, from English and Cyrillic to Egyptian hieroglyphics, Klingon, and whatever language the Bionicles spoke. Some also say that spiking a drop of blood into your morning bowl of Alpha-Bits will make them reveal the universe’s existential secrets.

But most agree that’s just ridiculous.

This revamped cereal revolution all started in 2017, as Cocoa Puffs, Krave, Honeycomb, and yes, Alpha-Bits, made a big hullaballoo about self-improvement. As a designated cereal emissary of the year 2017, I’m here to tell you whether Alpha-Bits actually followed through on their “new year, new me” promise, or if they’re just “new meh.”

But in order to answer this, I first have to dive into some “old” Alpha-Bits, which are still easy to find on shelves. In all honesty, I haven’t tasted Alpha-Bits in years. I may be a kid at heart, but that inner child is aged roughly 8–10, not the 4-year old serial cereal drooler who appears to be the target audience of Alpha-Bits’ young’n-friendly packaging.

Post Old Alpha-Bits Cereal

Even though I always chose totally mature, grown-up cereals like Cookie Crisp and Reese’s Puffs over Alpha-Bits, I still heard the recent public outcry about Alpha-Bits tasting terrible compared to its pre-Y2K flavor formula. Eating it now, though, I think the rumors of Alpha-Bits’ demise were greatly exaggerated: the wide-eyed Super Why! packaging may leave me wondering, well, “super why the heck would they do this?” but this stuff still tastes pretty good.

With an equally crispy and satisfyingly soft crunch, a pretty robust whole grain oat base (though not a golden-toasted one), and a faint touch of floral honey sweetness, old Alpha-Bits is halfway between a plain Cheerio and Post’s Honeycomb. “A Corn Pop that went to Harvard” might also be a fair descriptor. In milk it’s even better, as the savory oats shine a little butterier, throwing Lucky Charms into this strange oat cereal family tree. I wouldn’t eat this stuff regularly, but call me crazy, if I had a wee lad or lassie of my own, I’d probably feed them this stuff instead of those blasé Cheerios.

At least that way my kiddo could spell real words with their cereal instead of spooky ghost noises. Though it would probably end up looking like an “infinite monkeys eating breakfast at infinite typewriters” situation.

This means the new stuff has higher standards to live up to—hey Mark Twain: can you revive what isn’t dead?

The packaging starts me off on a high note, though. It feels like a nostalgic throwback to Alpha-Bits’ more adventurous days, complete with ambiguous kid mascots, nautical nonsense, and a trusty canine companion. This box looks like it belongs in a Highlights magazine in a dentist’s waiting room, and that’s a high compliment.

Post New and Improved Alpha-Bits Cereal

But unfortunately, the compliments stop there. Sorry to be blunt, but New and Improved Alpha-Bits is a downgrade in every way. The letters are jumbo, bloated versions of their former selves, which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t also more airy and less crunchy. I’m also pretty confident a lot of letters are missing from this lax lexicon, because I found about ∞ Bs and had to perform some tooth scalpel surgery just to get a G and K for my desperately spooned plea to Post.

Any kids named Kayleigh or Kraig are going to be sorely (or obscurely) disappointed.

The flavor is stripped down to nearly nothing, too. Sure, the same base, un-toasted oat flavor is there, but the honey butter kiss has been replaced by the faintest vanilla sneeze. I had to eat halfway through the word count of Infinite Jest before I even tasted anything sweet—or non-cardboard-y for that matter. Adding milk just turns the aerated shapes into swollen, creamy milk puffs with a slightly more impactful vanilla glaze.

Unless I accidentally bought a box of alphabet soup noodles—which these kind of taste like—this is inexcusable. Cocoa Puffs got about 50% more awesome, Krave got a sweet fudge injection, and Honeycomb got mixed reviews, but new Alpha-Bits are a sinking ship that’s tough to salvage. I recommend any fans to stock up on the old stuff now, or prepare to jump ship onto a Cheerio or Oatmeal Square life raft.

If you’re also upset about this Alpha-Bits change and made it this far into the review, feel free to voice your opinion below. But no matter how many comments you may see implying the contrary, please keep one thing in mind: even though I’d like to, I don’t make the cereal! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to glue some cereal bits to paper in the form of a strongly worded letter.


The Bowl: New and Improved Alpha-Bits Cereal

The Breakdown: Aside from a more whimsical box and improved readability for the visually impaired, New and “Improved” Alpha-Bits is a tasteless regression that leaves me borrowing some Cheerios to spell “Booooooo!”

The Bottom Line: 2 non-existent “Kraig” novelty license plates out of 10

(Quick Nutrition Facts: 110 calories, 2 grams of fiber, 6 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein per 3/4 cup serving)

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  1. Honestly, your review sums up how I’ve kind of always felt about alpha bits. I loved them as a little kid, but these days I turn to the far superior frosted cheerios when I need a vanilla-y oat fix.

    Also: mantis shrimp are awesome. One of my favorite things about your reviews are all the weird yet cool references!

  2. As soon as I saw “New and Improved” on the box, I groaned. Completely agree that they are not nearly as good as the original. They removed some flavor and replaced it with bland bland bland. No thanks.

  3. it is sad why can’t they bring back how they were and if isn’t broke don’t fix it just leave it alone they must have to much time on there hands cereal and customers are losing

  4. I 100% agree. I absolutely think this change is horrible. They taste terrible compared to what they were! Alpha-bits were one of my favorites! Extremely disappointed and won’t ever be purchasing them again.

    • I am very disappointed in the size and taste of the “new” Alpha Bits. Would love it if they would bring the original recipe back again!

  5. After reading the review and how you guys said/wrote, that you liked alpha-bits as kid, but they’re kind of left alone by “grown-ups” i wondered if this change into a much more “bland vanilla cereal” isn’t going to be a smart choice for Post.

    Let’s face the fact here: Grown-Upos most probably never even considered buying this cereal for themselves. There are way better options for the money and even if they managed to create a good(improved) flavor which grown-ups like, there are still too many and long-established top dogs out there to let Post even dream abaout a fair share in this cereal area. (Additional to this with shreddies and honeycomb, and maybe sugar crisp, they have cereals on their own, that fall into this hard battled cereal segment.)

    So… why not focusing on the already main targed: kids! or to be much more precisely: kids reaaaally young in age. I talk about kids here, that just get from reaaaaally bland oat and a tiny bit of banana porridge to a more firm food. I talk about those tastebuds that can’t handle a hefty cinnamon burst od CTC or a sugar overload of honey smacks. I talks about the reason, why Dora the Explorer Cereal was just LIGHTLY sweetened. ^^

    I think it*’s a good choice to try to fill this gap and try not to compete with the other “grown-up” cereals here.
    Not sure if it will work out, but to compete with plain cheerios is maybe the wiser choice.

    But that’s just me speaking. And you know i wasn’t able to try alpha-bits or dora the explorer (yes, i had my bowl of plain cheerios and it will stay like that ^^)

  6. Weird, this just popped up in my feed really late. I compared the old Alpha-bits to Honeycomb as well, but when I tried them side-by-side, I didn’t feel the connection as much. The new ones as more comparable to dog food, but I still ate the whole box.

  7. The new ones are horrible. My daughter lived them as they were before the change, and so did I! Now I’m just depressed.

  8. Why is it they have to mess with a good thing. i looked forward to having a bowl of alphabets but these new and improved ones are terrible, what a disappointment and a waste of money. Will not purchase again unless they go back to the original recipe…

  9. The new Alphabets are terrible. Its like eating a mouthful of sawdust. No taste or texture whatsoever. Post, please bring back the harder and crunchier version.

  10. New and nasty. They have always been my favorite and now my son’s who is autistic and very picky. Now he wants nothing to do with the New and Nasty. Ugh!!!!

  11. Agree with all the above. My kids said they don’t taste as sweet, too. I noticed the third ingredient switched from yellow corn flour to wheat starch. Not sure what the significance is of that, though. Mainly the kids don’t like it because they’ve only known the cereal as Super Why their entire lives.

  12. I feel like post is trying to put me on an unexplained alphabet diet!I miss my sweet letters. Do not even waste the coffee sugar on this garbage. Thanks for nothing POST.

  13. I feel like post is trying to put me on an unexplained alphabet diet!I miss my sweet letters. Do not even waste the coffee sugar on this garbage. Thanks for nothing POST. One more thing, how is a small child supposed to eat letters the size of a silver dollar?

  14. The new alpha-bits are terrible. They have no taste. I will never buy the product again. People buy food products because of the taste. Why would a company drastically change the formula so that it tastes nothing like the original product. Why didn’t they just keep the original product and add another flavor. The ingredients have changed substantially. They removed corn flour and replaced it with wheat starch (bleh!) whatever that is.
    It’s on to Frosted Cheerios once my old supply runs out.

  15. I just had these for the first time…another of my favorite classic cereals down the drain. These things taste like bloated styrofoam peanuts, but even less flavor! First Berry Berry Kix, ruining Cinnamon Toast Crunch, reformulating Honey Combs to a mere shell of its former self (though in all fairness still my favorite), removing the exceptional Strawberry Honeycombs from shelves…I honestly think it’s time to move on from cereal, there truly just aren’t any good ones any more. RIP childhood 😔

    • I agree that they taste terrible. The change has ruined my good memories of how much I loved them before. Unless there is a promise to return them to their original state I will never buy them again. Too bad for you Post and too bad for all of us alphabets lovers. Also Honey Combs are also sliding out of the yummy arena. So sad. Cereal is not and likely will not ever be a GREAT choice for breakfast but we all realize that. At least for those days when we’re in a bit of a hurry you could have left the yummy good taste there to help us feel satisfied.

  16. OMG I’m so disappointed, I loved this cereal and now its CRAP !! PLEASE POST CHANGE IT BACK !!! the sweet little compact letters were delicious after floating in my milk never really getting soft or smooshy. These new Alpha bits are huge, full of air and taste like cardboard. !!!! they used to be different and unique now they are just shitty like all the rest.

  17. What a disaster! Was craving a bowl of alpha bits after work. Saw new and improved on the box a got worried. These new giant puffy soggy letters taste absolutely awful. The hard crunch, the flavor, the requirement to have two bowls in one sitting — all gone! Post has ruined alpha bits. I only hope honey comb is still the way it was.

  18. Bought the New and Improved Alpha Bits today. Very disappointed with the size and taste. Why must companies always try to fix what’s not broken. You’ve lost me as a customer.

  19. Because I have allergies, I read all labels. The “new and improved” Alpha Bits now have wheat in them…that kills the taste and makes them like every other “cardboard” cereal that is made with wheat. And for those who have wheat allergy it takes one more cereal out of their diet. Very disappointing!

  20. being 55 now, alphabits WAS still my favorite cereal, … because I noticed the bigger and difform letters, I went searching on the net, finding this review. I totally agree. The taste is near to nothing. I only by a box or 2 a year, wanting to avoid too much sugar, but this new version is almost tasteless, and yes, the letters get puffier and grosser with milk. Goowy.
    Alphabits reminded me of my childhood, then. I totally lost interest now. Unless the company goes back to the first version, I’m not playing anymore..

  21. Add me to the list of disappointed fans. I am an adult but still chose Alpha Bits as my favorite cereal. The new and improved version lost the corn/oat delicious balance. The wheat ruins it. Won’t be buying anymore.

  22. I am a girl who gets cravings and eats roughly the same thing for months on end. M&M yogurt, Alpha Bits (dry, no milk), apple slices with caramel or peanut butter. And I will eat it and eat it for months. (I’m 110lbs, in case you thought I was some morbidly obese glutton)

    Alpha Bits has been one binge food that has not lost its touch – until the “New & Improved” 2.0 came out. I would eat , literally, 5 boxes a week, close to 1 box per day. I plan on writing the company and letting them know all about how myself & thousands of others are sorely disappointed with their version of ‘new & improved’.

    I just want my old, little, crunchy, sweet but not too sweet, REAL Alpha Bits back and I will be a happy girl.

  23. I am from PR and Alpha-Bits was my favorite cereal. They stop selling it for a long time. Around a year ago I found it in Walmart and was so happy. A few months later, it disappeared again from the aisles. My sister lives in WI and sent me 4 boxes of the “new and improved” cereal. I agree with above. The taste is awful and terrible. I am 55 and it was still my favorite. I threw all the boxes in the garbage. I want back the original Alpha-Bits!

  24. I am from PR and Alpha-Bits was my favorite cereal. They stop selling it for a long time. Around a year ago, I found it in Walmart and was so happy. A few months later,it disappeared again from the aisles. My sister lives in WI and sent me 4 boxes of the “New and Improved” cereal. I agree with above. The taste is awful and terrible. I am 55 and it was my favorite cereal since I was a child. I threw all the boxes in the garbage. I also want back the original Alpha-Bits!

  25. I’m over 50 but still a big kid when it comes to cereal. Alphabits was always one of my go-to cereals. I picked up a box yesterday but didn’t notice the “new & improved” until I got home. I’m so disappointed because these are big, puffy and nearly tasteless. I miss the satisfying crunch and sweet flavor of the original. I understand that time marches on, but it’s incredible to me that people at Post sat around and said to themselves, “These are such a great improvement”.

  26. New & Improved? New & disgusting is more like it! The letters are gigantic, the crunch is hard (wait, it’s not even a crunch — it’s just hard), they don’t soften up in milk at all, and totally tasteless!!! For the past few months I’ve had to throw out at least one item from my shopping order, as if the supermarket is turning towards selling crap food that used to be great! Well from now on, the crap food goes back to the store and they’ll have to reimburse me

  27. Post, you absolute bastards. I just spent $50 on three boxes getting them in the UK. To my horror, a puffed up flavourless mess has replaced my special Saturday morning regression into childhood. Apox on your house!

  28. I’m 50 years old and Alpha Bits have long been a favorite, so anyone who thinks this is a kids-only cereal is sadly mistaken. Like at least one previous poster, I didn’t see the “New and Improved” note on the boxes the last time I picked up a couple, and I actually did a double-take when I opened the first bag and saw the abomination Alpha Bits has now become. No longer can I fill a plastic cup and munch on them as I go about my morning; they’re too big. No longer do they have the satisfying crunch they used to have. No longer do they even taste like the Alpha Bits I used to love so much. “Disappointed” is an understatement. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  29. I just called post to complain about honeycombs and alpha bits. When I spoke about the alpha bit letters being larger they said it was done so they would be more legible. Trying not to laugh, I told them in all seriousness when Im eating a bowl of alpha bits I’m not so concerned with the legibility of the letters as their taste. She wrote down my complaint and said it would be taken into consideration. Whatever.

  30. New and improved? Nope! In my life , there have been few things that have been consistently good. Post cereals have always been one of them. But now they ruined Alpha-bits, and Honeycombs. It shouldn’t be this big of a disappointment, but it truly is. This, after losing General Mills cereals from our diets earlier this year, to reports of high levels of the pesticide Round up, being found in them. Leave well enough alone! Stop always degrading quality for profits! I wrote to Post to complain, please do the same. Maybe they’ll change them back.

  31. I completely agree..the new Alpha-Bits are not improved. The letters are too big and they have no flavor..big disappointment! I prefer the old Alpha-Bits.

  32. My only wish is that the company heads read all of these reviews and return the cereal to what it was or all of our words go nowhere.

    Many times the sales department drops the cereal instead of admitting they were wrong. They should take the advice from Coca Cola when they brought out their new coke and it flopped

  33. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s extremely disappointed with the “new and improved”. It’s absolutely horrible. Why not keep the original but also make a healthy version for those who want to try that. Completely horrible. Now I’m off to try to find some old boxes somewhere.

  34. The new and improved Alpha-Bits are awful! I want my money back! Where can I get the original version? You’ve ruined my favorite cereal. Guess I’ll be looking for a new favorite.

  35. Ugh. My autistic nephew won’t even touch the new ones, and the old ones were/are a main staple of his diet until they run out for good. We only have one box left… We ran into the same problem with the pomegranate V8 bars the other year. I wish companies would stop changing and dropping formulas. It makes feeding this kid so hard.

  36. Totally agree, so disappointing. I will not be buying these ever again unless they bring back the old original alpabits. 😪 I love the old alphabits……bring them back. These new bigger size are tasteless, really bad choice for post.

  37. Bad bad news, they aren’t like the original, like they Honeycombs, Post made some bad decisions and they will lost a lot of client like our family

  38. Just got off the phone with Post. This new Alpha-Bits formula is terrible. The letters are huge and puffy and the taste is way off. This whole trend to change recipes is out of control. Then when the cereal doesn’t sell, stores don’t buy it anymore and then we head down the road to discontinuation because of poor sales. Please call Post if you can,because we need the old formula back.

  39. Can’t stand how everything the 80s-90s kids enjoyed is being rebranded and repackaged because people have no imagination anymore. TMNT, Transformers, Ghostbusters, GI Joe… not to mention what ever the hell happened to Nickelodeon (Legends of the Hidden Temple the movie???). Now these jackholes are attacking our cereal too. As someone who panicked several weeks ago when the older formula Alphabits disappeared off my local Walmarts shelves I was relieved to see Stop and Shop was now carrying the “new” version. I was relieved until I opened the box. My first reaction when seeing the bloated giant letters was, “these aren’t Alphabits, what is this?” But willing to give them a chance with the hope all was not lost I dove in. Disappointment. Just like everything from my childhood this cereal, my second favorite after Life, is now ruined. As if there were not enough reasons to be disappointed in society today. Well at least I still I still have my Cameo cookies, Jolt and Fruitopia. Oh wait no I don’t.
    P.S. Leave Back to the Future alone!!!

  40. I used to love Alpha Bits but they taste terrible. No taste. Why did you have to change it. Just change it back or else I won’t buy them.

  41. New alpha bits horrible. My family is boycotting Post until the old cereal is brought back. I have been eating alpha bits for as long as I can remember…..why would you change a good thing……let me guess…..some little millennium is now in management and thought it would be a good thing……

  42. I need to check every ingredient list before adding a new food to my diet. I’m so upset right now that they replaced corn with wheat. Last year, before the whole “New and Improved” thing, I picked up a few boxes, read the label and determined that they were okay for me to eat. When they disappeared off store shelves for a while, I was disappointed I couldn’t find them anymore. So when they reappeared I happily bought a box. I didn’t think to read the ingredient list again so I didn’t notice the change until halfway through the box, while eating a bowl of them. I react badly to wheat and when I read the ingredients, suddenly I realized why this has been a rough week for me. I’m dreading what today is going to be like, since I just ate a big bowl of them…

  43. Disgusting. Poured a bowl and noticed the bigger letters. Looked at the box… “New and Improved”. I thought maybe it won’t be so bad. Nope, flavor is totally different. Gross, foul, disgusting, retched are how I would describe this new flavor. Box went right in the trash. Won’t buy again.

  44. OK WHERE IS THE NEW AND IMPROVED CEREAL?? I LOVE IT AND I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE. I live in Groceries Have 30813 I am going on 60 yrs old and haven’t had this cereal in my any years. Do an old lady a favor give me the cereal in stores before I leave this earth . Thank you. Barbi Quarles

  45. HATE the new Alphabits. It was my favorite growing up, favorite of my kids and grandkids. We all hate the new, it’s definitely NOT an improvement. We used to enjoy 3 boxes a week, but we will NOT be buying the new. Angry with Post for changing it. Shopping for a new favorite, but not a Post product.

  46. Just tried them today. Not at all like the originals. Don’t hate them but sure don’t like them nearly as much as the original alphabits. Doubt I will ever buy them again. Wish they had left them the way they were

  47. The box is a definite improvement. I couldn’t find a “not new and not improved” version to do a taste comparison but the new ones remind me of packing peanuts because of the lack of flavor, bloatedness, and semi-gloss coating. Go back please.

  48. I stumbled across this page to see if I was the only who thought Post’s decision to change Alpha Bits was a disappointment. I purchased 2 boxes of the New & Improved a few months ago and vowed to never purchase again if they don’t bring back the original recipe. I meant to write a review months ago but forgot until I was reminded today. As many have already indicated, the New & Improved Alpha Bits are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!! They are tasteless, airy, have a weak crunch, and the jumbo size is plain ridiculous. I’m in my last 30s, and this has been my favorite cereal since I was a child. It disappeared for a long time but since they re-appeared back on shelves some years ago, I have been consistently including them in my weekly groceries (Up until this New & Improved Junk debuted). Today I was shopping at a local independent grocer and found 6 boxes of the original recipe (which is what reminded me to write a review). Needless to say I bought all of them but they expire at the end of this month. 🙁 I’m not sure if Post will read any of our comments but if they don’t go back to the old recipe, They’ve lost a customer for life!

  49. They tried making a switch to a healthier version in the late 90s and it was terrible so they switched back. Maybe Post needs to get the message permanently. They will never sell like Cheerios, but if they want them to sell at all they won’t mess with them. Still my favorite treat cereal when they are selling the right formula. Could this be like a New Coke thing to boost sales?

  50. I just looked it up. They stopped producing in 06, came back in 08 with the 0% sugar ghastly versions and then went back to the original later in 08. 9 years later and they are messing with them again. Sorry I said late 90s.

  51. I believe the new and improved Alpha-Bits are slightly lower in carbohydrates. The new number is 21. I began a strict low carb diet last year and checked every box in the cereal aisle. I recall Alpha-Bits being disqualified from my list for being too much over 22, which is my target number. Now I can enjoy them again but agree with the detractors above regarding taste. It simply doesn’t have the same sweet taste as old Alpha-Bits, which I enjoyed periodically as a kid.

  52. Same! My daughter hated it from the first bite. We, too, stocked up on as many of the old boxes as we could find and have been living off those for the past few months. We just reached the end of our last box. 🙁 Inspired by the comments that I read above, I called POST just now to give them feedback. Maybe if sales drop and they get enough feedback, they’ll reconsider and switch back like they did back in 2009 or whenever that was that they changed it last time.

  53. Totally agreed, I was highly upset after searching high and low for some Alpha Bits cereal and coming across this nastiness of mountainous proportions.

  54. Just opened a new box of Alpha Bits. They are horrible. Larger letters, less taste, hollow crunch. Threw them out and won’t buy them again. Their sales will drop for sure. Tasteless!

  55. Just opened a new box of Alpha Bits. They are bland. Larger letters, less taste, hollow crunch. Threw them out and won’t buy them again. Their sales will drop for sure. Tasteless!

  56. I came here wondering why ,for the last like 4-5 months I can’t find Alpha-Bits or (Super-Why cereal) anywhere and I guess I figured out why. No store sells them anywhere in my area anymore. Tried honeycomb which I always buy and I swear everything about it was different, won’t be buying Honeycomb again and i’v eaten that my whole life.

  57. I used to buy this cereal occasionally for my son when he was little but most stores haven’t been carrying it. I found it the other day and we picked up two boxes. My son, now 10 couldn’t eat it before school today. I had to find him something else quick before the bus showed up. I ate the cereal for him and it was definitely worse. With the big puffy letters you don’t even have room to spell anything! So disappointed I can’t share them with him anymore.

  58. My six-year-old grandson who loves the old alphabets is autistic and is totally against any kind of change
    He Would not even try the new improved alphabets because the letters were bigger than he likes and is accustomed to
    Don’t know what I’m gonna do now since we can’t find any of the older ones in the stores anymore there’s only a few things that this kid will eat anyway
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it what the heck POST

  59. My box has no E’s. None. I looked, and nothing. Thank God I paid only $1.99 for a box of these new ones.

    Corn is sweeter than wheat, but industrial corn is terrible for us. Nutritionally, these are on par with Cheerios (though these things have a little more sugar in them).

  60. This cereal is garbage! I feel like I’ve been cheated ! 20+ years of my favourite cereal ruined! All this “new and improved” crap can fall into the trash ! Fast ! Go back to “Retro”

  61. Just bought a box not realizing they had been changed. What a shocker. It’s the last box of Alpha Bits I ever buy unless they change the formula back. Not a good change.

  62. You hit the nail on the head with this review. We’re already scouring stores for the old “just fine as it was” version. This new version is garbage – why did they stop where they did? May have well made the letters in Comic Sans …

  63. Got my first box of the new size last month. IT. IS. HORRIBLE. Threw it away, wrote an email to Post and won’t ever eat Alpha Bits again until they reverse this moronic decision

  64. Is there another cereal like Alpha bits on the market, not the same shapes but the same puffy ingredients and taste. I love Alpha Bits but seldom find them so a cereal that taste the same would be great.

  65. This crap is horrible. I will be taking it back to the store tomorrow, no need in wasting my $3.99. Im sadly and utterly disappointed. I really don’t understand who comes up with these decisions to ruin a product. I have eaten this cereal for since I was a child and I’m over 40 now. The have lost a loyal customer.

  66. everyone should call post and complain. 1-800-431-7678. The number is on the side of this box of nastiness I have in my hand. Email
    I’m calling tomorrow and emailing tonight.

  67. I haven’t had Alphabits for a while, and when I finally did I was disappointed in the new changes! The look itself is off putting, it’s so puffy! Then the texture is way softer then the original and there’s barely any taste! Why would they ruin Alphabits!!

  68. When is Post going to realize their mistake and give us back the regular Alphabits?? Their sales will continue to drop significantly, as people buy and taste this awful New & Improved Alphabits. I have eaten regular AlphaBits everday, for years, yet I cannot stomach the new Alphabits.

  69. I tried the “new and improved” this morning. The cereal was not improved at all. They taste awful. Post just killed a good cereal to bring a lame version of a nice and sweet cereal. They should look back into one of the biggest marketing mistakes in history: Coca Cola

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