Review: Trix Cereal without Artificial Flavors & Colors

IMG_4153Times change, friends.

When they debuted in 1955, Trix were in spherical shapes. But in the 1990s, they became the fruit-shaped pieces that many today insist they always have been. It wasn’t until 2007 that Trix became spheres once more, and the fruit-shapes were left to populate every single BuzzFeed “Top 25 Foods from our Childhood that We Want Back NOW! You Won’t BELIEVE #12!” article from now until eternity.

Oh, and apparently fruit-shaped Trix are still a thing in Mexico. I smell a fruit-scented roadtrip!

And now that General Mills has removed artificial colors and flavors from Trix, some are, again, mourning the loss of a childhood staple. But wait! Back when they debuted, Trix only came in orange, lemon, and raspberry flavors! As these artificial color-free Trix adopt a similar color scheme, it can be said that the cereal really has come full circle.

Or should I say full sphere?

Either way, I’m here to answer the hard-hitting question that you, your family, and probably even the United Nations have been debating: will they taste the same as”regular” Trix?

IMG_4140Unfortunately, since I’d apparently have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to actually find a box of artificially flavored, full-sized Trix these days, my analysis will have to use the Mini Trix I got from General Mills’ Star Wars care package. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Mini Trix. They taste the same as the full-sized, but the idea of something smaller being more satisfying has been rubbing me the wrong way ever since the day some sadistic liar invented “fun-sized” candy bars.

And besides, if I wanted a fruity cereal that looks like tiny little pebbles, I’d probably just buy…Malt-O-Meal Fruity Dyno Bites. Haha, gotcha! You thought I was gonna say Froot Loops, didn’t you?IMG_4154

Speaking of Froot Loops, artificially flavored Trix provide a very similar taste. After crunching a spoonful of rainbow ball bearings, I’m overwhelmed by a super sugary mash-up of every fake fruit flavor imaginable. It’s nearly impossible to distinguish each fruit sensation within the iridescent, tropical mush.

From strawberry, to cherry, lime, and for some reason cotton candy, it tastes like someone took every vaguely chemical-y scratch & sniff sticker from your elementary school Trapper Keeper and tossed ’em in a blender. It’s tasty, but it’s also cloyingly potent enough to make my breakfast feel a scene from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. To paraphrase Hunter S. Thompson himself:

“There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of a Trix binge.”IMG_4155

Our new, four-colored Trix friend is, surprisingly, much more distinctly flavored. Munching on the magenta, orange, yellow, and purple pieces, I can easily pick out which fruits I’m supposed to be tasting. I’m first hit with a walloping lemon haymaker. It’s half lemon Pledge and half sour lemonade.

That’s right: even though the sugar content is the same here as in Mini Trix, the sweetness here is comparatively muted. Not quite as muted as my television when a commercial for The General’s car insurance comes on (seriously, who thought that guy was a good idea?), but a more subtle and nuanced sweetness all the same.IMG_4156

As the lemon opener fades, I get a burst of tangy citrus with a faint raspberry infusion, as if someone dipped a Velma Scooby-Doo fruit snack into a glass of raspberry juice. When this middle sensation fades, I’m left with a palpable, slightly sticky grape aftertaste. This grape, too, is pretty puckering, and it reminds me of the time I forgot to add sugar to a pitcher of grape Kool-Aid.IMG_4157

In milk, this new Trix is quite fruit smoothie-esque, balancing an authentically fruity bite with milk’s creaminess. I’d love to try it with some fruit yogurt, and I’d really love to try it without the drool that just fell into my bowl after thinking about how gosh darn good this would be with yogurt.

So overall, the two Trix I tried are different enough that comparing them would be like comparing trippy, technicolor apples to oranges. My enjoyment (and your enjoyment too, probably) of artificial color-less Trix will depend mostly on what I/you are in the mood for. For a punchy, sugary dessert, Mini Trix will hit the spot (assuming General Mills actually continues making them instead of making the Minis go the way of the Dodo).

But if you want to feel like you’re eating something genuinely fruity for breakfast, or if you just want to feel like an adult while still eating from a box that has a cartoon rabbit on it, Trix without artificial colors and flavors won’t disappoint.

Silly rabbit, Trix can be for adults, too!


The Bowl: Trix without artificial colors and flavors

The Breakdown: From sour lemon cleaning products to fruit snacks, juice, and Kool-Aid, the fruit flavor in this Trix is much more recognizable—albeit much less sweet—than its artificial little brother.

The Bottom Line: 7 fan art drawings of the Trix rabbit as Hunter S. Thompson out of 10

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7 responses »

  1. w00t! That was fast! Never expected the review to be up this soon. ^^

    As i told you dozen of times already, i don’t like fruity cereals (alright froot loops [EU] is the only one i know ^^) and i don’t feel the urge to try Trix or Pebbles or any other “fruity spin-off”… not even the spongebob one. But seeing those images of the non artifical flavored trix… man they look so delicious! And although i know they should taste like fruity cereal they give me more of an earthy, grainy honey vibe… ^^

    While were at it: They really taste like fruit? Like raspberry? As i wrote before, when it comes down to froot loops i just taste honey with a bit of citric acid xD

    Thank you so much again for this comparison! It was really a nice read, though i’m still not convinced GM is going the “right” way with this “NO ARTIFICAL FLAVOR!”-crusade and i still fear the day they change lucky charms and reese’s. I mean although the new trix don’t actually taste bad… as you mentioned they taste different… 🙁
    (who want’s that? The cereals taste delicious as they are… :()

    • Funny you should mention Reese’s Puffs: I just checked my store and the new artificial flavorless Reese’s Puffs are now out! Perhaps another comparison is in order soon…

      • noooo! We’re doomed… it has started… our favorite cereals are beeing slaughtered for the cause of “health”… 🙁

  2. I just googled about the change in Reese’s Puffs because I thought I was going crazy. It used to be my favorite cereal… Now, it isn’t. It’s waaaaay different and I hate it.

  3. Just tried the new Trix, which I thought was Berry Berry Kix when I first had it…man, it’s actually a really good fruir snakcing cereal. But now I’m worried about Reese’s…

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