Spooned & Spotted: 2017 Monster Cereals!

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And just like that, the residual sweat of summer’s dog days has been wicked away, replaced with the foaming spittle of Halloween’s werewolf days.

Early August has long meant the resurrection of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry, but even when I know it’s coming, I still get giddy when I see those pointy teeth, head valves, and that little porkpie hat. They’re the edible harbingers of an entire spookily delicious time of the year—the literal breakfasts of Halloween’s eating season, if you will.

Instagram user @cantbear2livewithoutit has the enviable honor of being 2017’s first successful Monster hunter, having found the trio at a Foodworld store, though General Mills has confirmed that the cereals have shipped everywhere as of late July.

As far as themes go, the Three Muske-Fears here have scaled back from their grandiose 2016 election campaign. Despite getting points for effort, the online voting process was riddled with bugs and miscommunication, while consumers in general were a little too election-fatigued to be thrilled by a Transylvanian one (it was clear within a week that the Count’s name recognition would be unbeatable).

This year, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry’s cereal box artwork simply puts a new perspective on 2015’s augmented reality boxes—but they add the novel idea of monster marshmallows! It’s a simply concept, but a refreshingly innocent one. Count Chocula keeps his iconic, cocoa-swirled bat marbits, but Franken Berry gets his lumpy head turned into sugar nuggets, while Boo Berry’s box is filled with sweet used napkins.

I mean sheet ghosts—sheet ghosts! Please don’t haunt me, ghost of Pete Lorre.

Can’tBEAR2livewithoutit was also kind enough to share the back of the box art. While the past few years have at least included cameos by cult favorite monster cereals Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy, it seems like this year they’re well and truly sleeping in their respective doghouse and pyramid. Instead, we get a suite of monster cereal cosplays from a bunch of other General Mills cereal mascots—and the Pillsbury Doughboy.

I love the idea of other food characters hanging out like some giant crossover episode, and I heartily hope that the Doughboy gets his own zombie-themed Pillsburied Alive monster cereal next year.

Until then, I’ll be hunting these boxes for a more comprehensive breakdown. Until then, our thanks go again to Can’tBEAR2livewithoutit for sharing the photo. Wanna see your own find in a Spooned & Spotted post? We’d love to see your latest breakfast haul, discovery, or feast: send it over on our Submissions page.

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  1. One day! I promise you, one day i’ll be able to catch a box of boo berry and count chocula!

    This is going on way too long (every year) to not have “eat a bowl of monster cereal” as a “live goal”… i mean GM is doing a great job here.
    I don’t know how the cereal tastes and just because of this whole craze i even consider buying a STRAWBERRY cereal xD
    (and you know that IS something, at least for me… xD)

    But i think i’ll wait for yummy mummy to be finally on the shelves again before i dive into the monstrous world of count chocula and friends for the first time ^^

  2. Another year without Brute and Mummy…
    I’m taking medication for all of this you know…
    I wonder if I can sue them???

  3. I’m surprised they didn’t just include chip the wolf with rainbow overalls and some other cereal mascot with rainbow bandages!!! I would have been less miffed had they done that…..

  4. I got my hands on a box of Count Chocula & Boo Berry last week in the Bronx, NY at a Stop & Shop. They got a fluke early order in & I was lucky to get the last 2 boxes. I’m looking for more 🙂

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