Spooned & Spotted: Kellogg’s Disney Moana Cereal

Kellogg's Moana Cereal Box

(Image via Target & Kellogg’s)

I know nothing about Disney’s upcoming Moana movie, but Kellogg’s latest cereal tie-in with the film still sends my imagination spinning.

What if Kellogg’s played off the movie’s island setting and made this cereal’s crunchy swirls coconut-flavored? What if the orange sun marshmallows taste like mangoes? And what if there’s a mail away offer on the back of the box that let’s you exchange 10 UPC labels + shipping and handling for your very own pet pig?

Deep down, I know none of this is true. Moana Cereal’s hypnotic snail shell pieces are probably just Kellogg’s Cinnabon pieces stripped of all cinnamon heat and dressed up with a sugary syrup glaze. The marshmallows are probably just, you know, marshmallow-flavored. And the real exchange rate of UPC labels to baby pigs is probably way more than 10:1.

I’ll at least give Kellogg’s props for marshmallow innovation here. Instead of including the same white orbs they’re famous for and repackaging them as “whirlpools and sugary seafoam,” there are lovingly crafted, dual color palm trees. I’m still not sure what the blue star marbits are supposed to represent, though.

Probably the 5-star reviews that every critic will give Moana.

This photo was found by yours truly, with help from tipster Gabe Fonseca, on Target’s website after seeing a photo of Europe’s Moana Cereal variant, which, of course, doesn’t have marshmallows. While it hasn’t been spotted in the wild yet, Target’s site says it’s in stock at my local store.

I’ll hop on my trusty travel pig and get back to you.

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  1. normally i should’ve expected this since kelloggs is doing this since frozen (puffed rice with “vanilla” flavor that taste like rice crackers) and star wars (somewhat chocolately galaxy pieces that taste like….. well chocolate…) got their “own” cereal and they threw finding dory multi grain rice krispies in shape of sea creatures in the mix…
    I like honey, i like multirgrain and i’m really looking fowrward to the cinnabon shape which is new to me, but very uninspired… again… (i love your coconut and mango flavor ideas!!!)

    Anyhow… what’s wrong with marbits, that the ueropean versions always lack them? xD

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