Why Is Honey Nut Cheerios America’s Best-Selling Cereal? | Infographic

For an impressive 8 (picture two Cheerios stacked on top of each other) years now, Honey Nut Cheerios has been named the best-selling cereal in America.

I would call this unbelievable, but after growing up with a father who exported enough empty Honey Nut Cheerios boxes from our household to build a cardboard replica of the entire Bee Movie set, I’ve experienced first-hand the zealous loyalty this hive-minded cereal can inspire.

But just why does this cereal keep breakfast lovers buzzing nearly 40 years after its introduction? After all, there are other cereals that are sweeter, healthier, or more chocolate chip cookie-shaped. I’ve always wanted to mix some investigative journalism into this blog’s normal stew of reviews and news, so I did some research, flexed my puny graphical muscles, and made an infographic. Click to see it in its full glory:

Why Honey Nut Cheerios is America's Best-Selling Cereal

Are you a true Honey Nut Cheerios bee-liever too? Let me know below just what attracts you to these irresistibly golden-glazed rings. Maybe you and my dad can start a fan club.

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  1. I still mourn over the fact, that i never were able to try the dulce de leche variant of cheerios, but i also have to admit, i never had a bowl of honey nut cheerios.

    But i’m really curoius how they compare to the Honey Loops from kelloggs here and if the “Oatbase” makes a huge difference or not. ^^

    Thanks for this amazing chart btw. Must have been a whole bunch of work!

  2. The nutrition chart kinda weakens the argument. Looks like they’re only marginally better than Lucky Charms, a cereal that includes marshmallows.

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